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Q&A: GJ Reynolds author of The Playful and Powerful Warrior within YOU!

GJ Reynolds, author of the book The Playful and Powerful Warrior within YOU!, stopped by for a Q&A.

Q. Before you were an author, you’ve been an entrepreneur. What kind of businesses have you been involved with?

A. I initially started in Real Estate and failed miserably. Then I went back to what I knew, Telecommunications. I transitioned out telecommunications because of how the industry was changing. From there I have had several companies in Sales & Marketing and Business Consulting. Beachlifestyle started in 1992, specializes in assisting like minded individuals who desire to be an entrepreneur or are currently an entrepreneur to become more successful. We teach basic success laws and principles.

I currently have three entrepreneurial companies now, Visalus Sciences/BodyByVi 90 Day Challenge, specializing in weight management and health and wellness; Beachlifestyle Publishing, specializing in publishing books, training materials and empowering stories & films; Beachlifestyle, a community of like minded individuals educating them on how to enhance or transform their Life, Health and Prosperity. I also continue to write. I have a series titled “The Lil Hammer”, based on a “little engine that could” type of character. I have already started my next book focusing on having, running and being successful as an entrepreneurial home based business owner. The working title is “The Playful & Powerful Warrior Entrepreneur!”

Q. Tell us about your book, The Playful and Powerful Warrior within YOU!

The book is based off what has worked for me over the past ten years. From being in depression and suicidal to living an empowering balanced life.    I provide my personal insights to each of the areas that I have experienced and have personally worked for me. It is written so the reader is able to reclaim their personal power and be the playful and powerful Warrior they are.

Q. What motivated you to write the book?

A. I wrote this book because first, the grace of God showed me how I could transform my life and the lives of others. Second, the steps laid out in this book are what have transformed my life as a Playful and Powerful Warrior, and I have chosen to share them with the world. Third, most of the people I come in contact with, are searching for some type of transformation in their very own life and what has worked for me, may very well work for them.

I have encountered so many people as an entrepreneur that have or are experiencing many of the things I have experienced. In most cases what they are experiencing is holding them back from having their own personal magnificence and having their business perform at it’s optimum performance. I realized my story had merits and many people could identify with it. Once I started sharing my story many people started to embrace much of what worked for me into their own life, so I decided to write a book so I could touch more lives in a positive way.

Q. You had great business and material success and ended up being depressed. What was the turning point?

After a business ended, I just seemed unable to get anything going and my whole life started unraveling. The more I focused on the material items, the more difficult my life became. My personal relationships, family and friends became secondary. I even became last on my very own list. Over about a year everything started to fall apart and I found myself in a position of feeling overwhelmed with life. It was the first time in my life I found myself in that situation.

Q. What did you feel needed to change in your life?

I had to get back to the basics. I had to start looking within versus looking outside to the external world. I had to start focusing on me internally and realizing my ego was keeping me from embracing my own magnificence.    Once I started doing this, my life began to come into focus and be more peaceful, full and balanced.

Q. Historically, the word “warrior” has strong negative connotations associated with it. What’s changed? How is being a warrior today seen as a positive quality?

By referencing the core meaning of Warrior, all the way back to the Chinese characters known as Kanji, which is used in the modern Japanese writing system. The meaning is “Keeper of Peace”.
Today’s Warrior is a keeper of peace and person who is focused on being and living with peace. Where there is peace, there is love.

Q. Briefly tell us about the set-up of the book. What does it cover?

This book is a powerful tool with the potential to evoke lasting life changes in the individual who reads it. The deeper you get into this book you will vividly see a clear view of who you are and how to embrace your powers and lighten up the load of negativity that might be leading to your anxiety. It also provides the reader the incentive to discover the true purpose of their life.

Readers are encouraged to find their own inner warrior by reclaiming their personal power and pursuing an authentic life. In doing so, we get much closer to realizing all of our goals. The book provides the tools that are necessary to live a meaningful life “on purpose, with purpose and for purpose” which include: Put God First, Forgive Yourself, Live in the Now, Surround Yourself with the Right People, Be Playful and Find Your Purpose. Learn how to embrace your inner playful and powerful Warrior self and to live a fulfilling life of true adventure!

Q. What drives you to share this information with people?

A. One of my primary passions and gifts are to teach others. It is was one of the things I enjoy the most. I have learned that my personal experiences both good and bad have impact with people. I know it is one of my reasons for living is to share what I have learned with others. My personal vision is to impact millions of people’s lives world wide. 

Q. How does a strong belief in God and a belief in the Law of Attraction go together?

What the appropriate question is, “Where does the Law of Attraction fit in with God?” The answer is quite simple and profound. God has given us the Law of Attraction through his word. Many people believe the Law of Attraction is “New Age” or something new. This law has been around since the beginning of creation. As I began to understand that God is the supreme creator that abides by this same law, He has power over the law and lives in complete perfection of it. Because it is a perfect law, designed perfectly to support us in our experience of learning through our life here on earth.

God created the universe and the universe works by laws. The Law of Attraction or what is also called, the Law of Creation is in operation in every sphere of the universe. We are all living beings of the planet earth that is within the universe. This makes us subject to this perfect law.

God created us out of an immense joy in the act of creation and gave us “free will” to then, with joy, watch us create for ourselves the lives we have chosen, both consciously and unconsciously. Along this journey, He has given us teachers and angels to help and protect us along the way. God created the Law of Attraction!

Q. Explain the influence Coach Dale Brown, former LSU Basketball Coach, National Coach of the Year, and Hall of Fame Coach has played in your life.

A. I had the great pleasure of meeting “Coach” when I was just eleven years old. Throughout my life, he has shared many philosophies on basketball and on life. All of his teachings had a major impact on the man I am today! He has been a coach, teacher, mentor, and most importantly, has become one of my closest friends! Many of the principles he has taught me are in this book. Just like Coach, I have chosen to share my knowledge and experiences.

Coach Brown introduced me to Coach John Wooden.

Q. You once had depression as well as suicidal thoughts. What do you say to someone who might be in that same position?

I would say that no matter how much pain they are feeling or how much they may feel overwhelmed, they can still find the peace and magnificence they are most likely seeking. I say together we are able to get through it. I would also say that where they are, regardless how bad it may seem, there is a powerful learning experience and it is simply a new starting point to move forward and upward.

Q. In the book, you discuss the importance of “living in the now”. How do you stay present-minded and not worry about the future?

As I share in the book, “living in the now” has been the hardest area for me. I still find it challenging at times. What I learned that works for me are several things; to remember all I control are my thoughts, words and actions; to remember I have this very moment. Future moments are not guaranteed. With that said I might as well make the most of the present moment. When I focus on this, I am able to simply live now and understand whatever happens in the future is a gift.

Q. Talk about the power of forgiveness and why this is so hard for people to grant?

Forgiveness is an internal matter. It is the experience of finding peace within yourself! When you choose to forgive, you are forgiving yourself. It is something you do for yourself! The spiritual purpose of forgiveness is self-healing, and it is a gift to yourself. Forgiveness is healing for you! The healing is letting go of fear and negative, hurtful thoughts from the past. Forgiveness is a shifting of attention away from the hurtful act.

There are several common forgiveness misconceptions: 

  1. Forgiveness has to be something you give to someone else. 
  2. Something must be deserved or earned, and sometimes must be withheld, from the one who has done something wrong to you. 
  3. It depends on whether the person who did you wrong or treated you badly apologizes or changes his or her ways. 
  4. Forgiveness often seems so difficult because it seems like a sacrifice, like giving in, giving up, or losing your rightness. It seems to discount the pain you feel. 
  5. Forgiveness is sometimes experienced as letting someone who hurt you off the hook and no longer holding them accountable for their actions. 
  6. Forgiving the “offense” means you condone it. In fact, you are only forgiving what you know to be wrong for you—having to reconcile with someone who did you wrong or treated you badly. Telling someone you forgive them is simply a bonus!

Q. You strongly believe in keeping a “playful” side in every aspect of your life, including business. Describe what you mean by that.

We all have a playful side inside of us. Imagine how you feel when you are being playful. As you step out of childhood and mature into adulthood, playfulness typically becomes a foreign concept. I learned I was more productive when I accepted and embraced my playful side. When I was easy-going, my business teams and associates had more fun and were more productive, too. More importantly, in these moments I was at peace with myself. You will find that your playfulness creates positive energy and smiles for you and those around you, at home and at work. Playfulness brings out the fun in everyone. In a world where stress and anxiety is commonplace, a little playfulness is a perfect solution.

Q. What is conscious language and why is it so important in creating success?

The definition of conscious is “to be aware.” The basic idea of conscious language is to be aware of what you are thinking and saying. It is about using your language to claim or connect with what you actually choose to have.

Your conscious language awareness will strengthen your under- standing of the power of your words, allowing you to experience the changes in your body when you speak in a way that honors the fullness of your whole self. Consciously chosen thoughts and words will transform your circumstances and support your actions and the creation of the life you choose.

Q. What has been some of your biggest investments in your own life?

A. Accepting God to guide my life. Going to Anger Management. Surrounding myself with the right people for me.

Q. Describe success. What makes a person truly successful?

A. Coach John Wooden said it best: Success is peace of mind that can be obtained from the self-satisfaction of knowing that I have made the effort to do the very best of which I am capable.

Q. What do people need to know about leaving a legacy?

Leaving a legacy is an act of responsibility. Living a life with your purpose is the best way to leave a positive and powerful legacy. When you start with the end in mind, you have a personal direction to guide all of your activities. Beginning with the end in mind is choosing control of your own life and giving meaning to the actions you choose every day.

Q. Tell us about Mission G

Mission G is an organization created to assist others to enhance their Life, health and Prosperity. Mission G focuses on uniting talented and passionate leaders around a worthwhile cause of enriching people’s lives.

Mission G focuses on underprivileged children with education and health. Mission G also works with a Feed The Children program. An initiative that provides nutritional meals to under- privileged children. Mission G also assists Project NOW (Nuturing of Our Warriors) with former military personnel with the transition from active duty to being and living productive lives as a civilian.

Ten percent of every book sale will be donated to Mission G.

Q. What is your best advice for someone looking to choose a new opportunity in his or her life?

Find a mentor and surround your self with the right people. Being around the right people has a major impact on who we are, what we do, and how we live within the external world. You know when you are around the right people for you. You also know when you are around the wrong people. These people simply share different views and values.

Our lives are shaped and influenced by a myriad of factors. Relationships are at the top of the list. Think about how much of “who you are today” has been influenced by a specific parent, sibling, relative, teacher, coach, neighbor, associate, celebrity, athlete, author, speaker, boss, co-worker, spouse, or friend. Values, habits, behavior, knowledge, skills, passions, hobbies, tastes, and attitudes are typically learned through association with others.


About the book:
The Playful and Powerful Warrior within YOU!: How to Reclaim Your Personal Power and Live a Fulfilling Life of True Adventure!Reclaim your personal power, and be the playful and powerful Warrior you are. Achieve all of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Find the love, peace, playfulness, and power inside you to live a meaningful life on purpose, with purpose, and for purpose. This book is a tool with the potential to evoke lasting life changes, with such lessons as:

  • Always come from love
  • Be authentic and live authentically
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Share your story
  • Place God first
  • Find and live your purpose
  • Live and be in the now
  • Leave a Warrior legacy
  • Always come from your best
  • Surround yourself with the right people

About the author:

GJ Reynolds, also known as "G," is a passionate entrepreneur, business developer, trainer, public speaker, and author who thrives on teaching people how to improve their lives. Ten years ago, it was a different story. Reynolds was 40 years old and living the American dream as a successful business owner. He enjoyed the thrill of accumulating "things" and the attention that came along with it. Despite having material success, Reynolds craved more. As he says, "I had a lot of stuff!" He eventually became deeply depressed and suicidal.

"While others saw greatness and accomplishment, I saw a sellout. While others saw success, I saw failure. Externally, I looked great. Internally I was a feeling like a complete mess," says Reynolds. "I began to wonder how I could have so much and be so empty. I had spent the better part of my adulthood chasing the external world and ignoring living within my internal world." Upon hitting rock bottom in 2001, Reynolds had a vision: God led him out of the darkness saying, "You do not have a reason die. You have a reason to live. I will show you how."

Today, Reynolds's mission is teaching people how to elevate their lives. For the first time, he shares his inspiring story in The Playful and Powerful Warrior within YOU! How to Reclaim Your Personal Power and Live a Fulfilling Life of True Adventure. With the book, he hopes to evoke lasting life changes, bringing readers one step closer to their dreams and own empowerment.

Reynolds spent five years in the U.S. Army as a satellite communications specialist, achieving the rank of sergeant. He graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University with a bachelor of arts in management of human resources and then spent five years in the corporate world as a telecommunications specialist and manager. All three companies he worked for in the telecommunications industry were acquired and/or merged to become Verizon.

In 1991, Reynolds became an entrepreneur and has since owned or operated several successful telecommunications and business marketing and development companies. Reynolds has assembled and trained sales and marketing teams of over 50,000. He specializes in working with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who choose to raise the bar for themselves and their businesses.

G is on a mission to assist millions of people to transform their lives. Need a little help?


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