Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: Tasting the Universe by Maureen Seaberg

Tasting the Universe: People Who See Colors in Words and Rainbows in SymphoniesA violinist sees a scarlet form when he plays a certain note; a rock star sees waves of blue and green as she composes a ballad; an actress tastes cake when she utters the word "table." This fascinating mingling of the senses is called "synesthesia," and the people who possess this amazing gift are called "synesthetes."

Synesthesia is scientifically described as a cross-wiring, or lack of chemical inhibition, between brain neurons that occurs in about five percent of the population, often among "creatives"--musicians, artists, actors, writers, and so on. Scientific research is currently being conducted throughout the world to discover more about this condition. However, experts in the fields of spirituality and quantum physics are convinced that the truth of synesthesia lies not only within traditional science, but also within the realm of the mystical and the ineffable.

Step into Maureen's glittering alternate universe as she explores this fascinating subject, combining clear explanations of groundbreaking scientific research with an exploration of deeper spiritual truths.

Tasting the Universe explains and explores:
  • Why survivors of near-death experiences sometimes "return" with this amazing gift.
  • Why all infants are believed to be synesthetes until four months of age.
  • The experiences of famous synesthetes such as Itzhak Perlman, Billy Joel, Pharrell Williams, and Marilyn Monroe (whose biographer, Norman Mailer, first asserted that she possessed this gift).
For Maureen, synesthesia is not an idle "brain tick" that can be explained away by science (although it does offer some important clues), but a unique and ineffable ability to tap into and reveal a greater creative universe and even the divine.

Follow along with her as she takes you on her own personal "Eat, Pray, Love" of discovery, prompted by her often confounding yet always amazing experiences growing up with this gift.

Received from the publicist for review.

I remember reading about this phenomenon a while ago and was immediately intrigued when asked to review this.  I was not disappointed.

This one gets four stars.  This was absolutely engrossing from the very first page helps even non-synethetes like me imagine the author's world.  It kept me fascinated throughout despite the unfortunate formatting and cramped text.  Each story made me want to experience the phenomenon for myself - without the drugs a non-synthete would nee to use to get to that place.  Alas, the closest I will every get is the fantastically detailed accounts.  Billy Joel's colored songs sound so magical.  It must be lovely to live in a world where every day is a vision from Fantasia.  I highly recommend this well written narrative!

★★★★ = Really Liked It


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