Sunday, July 17, 2011

Featured Book: Christmas Eve Can Kill You by William Marantz

Christmas Eve Can Kill YouChristmas Eve Can Kill You is a funny, suspenseful, irreverent and moving story that "grabs you immediately and doesn't let go" (Eric Wright, author of the Charlie Salter mystery series).

When country-singer-turned-talkjock Val Virgo (aka Izzy Miller) receives a phone-in death threat from a self-described aboriginal militant he laughs it off as a sick joke. When he wakes up in a hospital bed he is no longer amused.

Why would any self-respecting “terrorist” plant a bomb in the apartment of glorified disk jockey? In search of the answer to this vexing question our reluctant hero takes a trip down memory lane, to the mean streets of his misspent youth, one step ahead of the mad bomber. The race against time comes to an explosive conclusion when "Izzy Miller" discovers a long-lost enemy virtually on his doorstep—one hour too late.

You are sure to love Christmas Eve Can Kill You. As a matter of fact, the author GUARANTEES that you will. He has agreed to gladly refund the full purchase price for anyone who doesn't enjoy the book. What have you got to lose?

About the author:

William Marantz, a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has worn many hats, robes, costumes and disguises before becoming a published author. He practiced law for over two decades, worked as a part-time judge and even reviewed movies on the radio. He’s written several radio and television dramas for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as well as two feature length screenplays. He dedicated more years than he'd like to admit (re)writing his debut novel, Christmas Eve Can Kill You.


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