Sunday, July 31, 2011

Featured Book: My Dreams, My Choices by Clementine Wamboye Girenge

My Dreams, My Choices: be courageous, do what you have never done, go where you have never been, and you will see the change.The simple act of going to school represents enormous ambition for Felly, the protagonist of this powerful true story about growing up in rural Kenya.

In the town of Mumias lies a small village where Felly’s family is known to everyone. The life of her paternal grandparents is like an open book, a story filled with sorrow and strife that turns her grandmother into a cold and hardened woman.

Felly on the other hand, grows up in a home surrounded by her parent’s love that is based on a very strong foundation, which sets the stage for this brave youngster to make and achieve her goals, one of the most important being to achieve a top-notch education.

My Dreams, My Choices documents Felly’s drive to expand her horizons.

This frank and eye-opening book reveals what it’s like to grow up in Africa today, detailing a life of hardship touched by contemporary African issues. At a young age, Felly witnesses how her family stands against the ordeals that come their way.

As she grows older, she discovers that she will also have to surpass personal struggles blocking her way. There are times when she almost surrenders, refusing to move forward and climb over the barriers. She experiences profound culture shock upon setting sight for the first time on Nairobi.

And she faces down tremendous odds to graduate at the top of her class from one of the best schools in the country.

Richly detailed, this vividly recalled life story will captivate you with a fresh perspective on contemporary Kenyan life and people.

My Dreams, My Choices is about the courage inside us all to reach for what we want and achieve our wildest dreams—despite all that stands in our way.

About the author:

CLEMENTINE WAMBOYE GIRENGE was born in Kenya and raised on a farm. After traveling through many parts of the world in pursuit for change, she has found joy and the simplicity of grace with her family on the West Coast of the United States, where she serves the American people as a Registered Nurse.


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