Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reading Challenge: The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written

The Easton Press has a list of the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written.  I've been meaning to read them all, at some point, so I decided I'd start the journey now.

Yes, I've already read about 40% between high school and college required reading (including, oddly enough, Don Quixote in its original Spanish), but I wanted to give them a fresh go.  And, since 90% are available for free on Kindle I can no longer claim that I don't want to haul heavy, musty books to and from the library and have to return them in a certain time period.

So, the list and my progress, is posted here and will also appear on my Reading Challenges page.

I have no idea how long this process will take me since I can just tell that several will be experiences I will have to force myself through, but I'm hoping to finish before 2020!  :)

So, let me know how many from the list you've read and what you think of my grand idea!  :)


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