Sunday, August 28, 2011

Featured Book: Did Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield? by Frank Ferruccio

Did Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield?: Her Life in Pictures & TextJayne Mansfield is a legend.

She appeared in twenty-nine movies as an actress and she was also a musician and a comedienne. Her I.Q. was reputed to be 163. She was the mother of five, including Mariska Hargitay, the star of the hit TV show LAW & ORDER SVU.

Now Frank Ferruccio, film historian and personal friend of the Mansfield children, shares more of his behind-the-scenes stories from Jayne’s life.

Following up on his first biography of Jayne, Diamonds to Dust, The Life and Death of Jayne Mansfield, this newest work fills in many of the missing pieces to Jayne’s life and is a fascinating tribute to one of the greatest sex symbols of all time.

Did Success Spoil Jayne Mansfield, Her Life in Pictures and Text is a must read for any admirer of Jayne Mansfield and of the era of film which gave her fame.


"Do me a favor, Larry. Jayne's already had enough to drink. She's got a hard day tomorrow, so don't pour her any more booze," Ted screamed at him. Feldman did the opposite off what he was asked to do. He mixed doubles for Jayne and told her some cock and bull story about big review with her as the star, destined for Broadway. Jayne was enjoying the argument almost as much as the double bourbons she drank. Ted was getting nowhere with Feldman, so he called Matt and put on Feldman. While they talked, Ted got Jayne to her feet and out of the penthouse apartment with the promise that where they were going there was plenty of booze. And that was the last time either of them saw Lawrence Feldman. He was found murdered in his apartment on March 10, 1967. Jan, Celica, Ted, Jayne, and her three Chihuahuas left the Garden City Hotel early the next morning and drove to Kennedy International Airport. They had to get shots at the clinic there, and Jayne had to get prescriptions for her diet and sleeping pills filled. The trouble that day had begun when they were informed that the Avianca flight on which we they were booked had been cancelled due to insufficient crew. The airlines strike was still being waged at the time. Instead they scrounged around and with the help of the public relations man at the airport, managed to get out four seats on a Braniff Airlines flight going to Colombia. With this settled, Ted joined the others in Braniff VIP Lounge to wait. "I've decided to take the Chihuahuas with me," Jayne announced. "Wouldn't it be better to leave the dogs with the children? Besides, you can't take them on a commercial airliner." "It's easy. I do it all the time. I'll show you how to smuggle them on board." Just before they were to board the plane, Jayne, Jan, and Ted went into the men's room. Jayne put two of the dogs in a traveling bag and the third was stuffed inside Ted's jacket. Ted showed the stewardess the tickets, and she directed them to the economy class on the ship. Ted had been in such a hurry that he hadn't noticed the classification on the tickets. "I'm Jayne Mansfield!" roared Jayne. "I don't travel anywhere unless it's first class. The tickets will have to be changed." Ted had a Chihuahua jumping around inside his jacket, the plane was about to take off, and Jayne was yelling about accommodations. Before he could get the tickets changed they were almost asked to leave the plane. They had held up the flight ten minutes, which would throw the entire schedule off on down to the end of the line. At last it was straightened out, and everyone settled down in the first class compartment. As the plane taxied down the runway toward the liftoff, Ted thought about the past week at the Garden City. Had it all really happened? It had. And he was studying Jayne's bill from the Garden City Hotel, where the rooms and food had been free, to prove it. For seven days, the charges for booze and limousine service came to $1780.43.

About the author:

Frank Ferruccio is a film historian and independent writer who knows more about Jayne Mansfield than most people because of his connections with her children. Frank has worked with the BBC on a documentary of Jayne Mansfield’s life and is the co-owner of Jayne’s on-line fan site,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Featured Book: Tales of Little Bear and Little Buffalo by Roy Naquin

Tales of Little Bear and Little BuffaloLittle Bear is a boy whose curiosity is matched only by his daring. He and his cousin, Little Buffalo, grow up in a changing world where they balance tradition - like earning the right to their own dugout canoes - with the form of a new local schoolhouse. Little Bear's father is the tribal chief, but that doesn't stop Little Bear from getting into mischief. From acts of great bravery to gestures of deep compassion, Little Bear and Little Buffalo put themselves heart and soul into every moment of their lives, with contagious joy and spontaneous wisdom. Roy Naquin's beautiful storytelling retains the clarity, cadence, and humor of these delightful family stories told to him by his father and grandfather. Tales of Little Bear and Little Buffalo is a treasure for children and adults alike.

About the author:

Roy Naquin was born in 1944, and raised in New Orleans. He and his wife of forty-six years have four children, eight grandchildren, and a great-grandchild on the way. This is Roy's first book.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Winner: 500 Letterheads

The winner of the 500 Letterheads from is #3 Kitten!

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you so much to for providing the giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Featured Book: Ice Queen by Richard S. Lucas

Ice Queen: A Franklin AdventureTwo images, three thousand years and the Pacific Ocean separate them. So begins the search for the Ice Queen. 

Archeologists Philip and Helen Franklin have built their reputations on separating fact from fiction. What they learn on this adventure will surprise even them. Black marketer Justin Smythe is one of the richest men in the world. Long time adversary, Thomas Coswell is funding the search for the Ice Queen. Smythe will do anything to steal the prize, including murder. When the Franklins discover the true power of the Ice Queen, they know that Smythe cannot be allowed to get his hands on it. 

In an underground city, with unlimited power at hand, who will ultimately win?


The midday sun beat down on the desert landscape, heat rising in shimmering waves. The excavation, now entering its second month, had little to show for the effort. The lead archeologist, temperamental at best, was now becoming unbearable and everyone tried to stay out of his way. Philip Franklin had made the mistake of questioning him and now found himself scrapping dirt in a trench, one hundred meters from the main dig. Helen Lewis had made the mistake of supporting Philip and found herself in the same trench. “Arrogant prick,” Philip murmured as he filled another bucket. “You knew he was in a foul mood,” Helen said as she sat up and wiped her forehead. “He’s under a lot of pressure to find something here. Anything.” Philip stopped and sat back. “Yeah, but he’s wrong. He’s digging in the wrong place. All the computer models agree.” Philip pulled out a bottle of water, drank from it and offered it to Helen. Taking it, she took a deep drink. “You’re sure of the models?” “Absolutely. I verified the program I developed on two other sites. He just won’t listen to a grad student. It would be beneath him to do so. At least he banished us in the right direction. If I’m right, which I am, we should be on the edge of the ruins.” “Wouldn’t that just burn his ass,” Helen said. “If we actually find something.” Philip laughed. He liked Helen. A lot. They attended the same university but had never met, their schedules never crossing. Philip was a computer science major with a minor in archeology and Helen was an archeology major. Both were graduate students and each had been offered the chance to come and work on this excavation. Helen was at the top of her class and Philip was developing new programs for site evaluation and re-construction. Now they were in the doghouse and depending on how mad the boss was their careers could be starting off on the shaky side. Helen moved to the wall that was in the shade and started to scrape more dirt. It was only a few minutes when she hit something hard. Working slower, she scraped an area two feet across. Stones, she thought, and not naturally set. She raised her hand and lightly ran her fingers across the surface. It was a cool evening; a gentle breeze flowed around her. Torches stood as sentries to the crypt. The passage was open and she could hear what sounded like chanting. Without thinking, she moved through the entrance. More torches lit the way and she soon found herself in a chamber. In the center was a sarcophagus. Around the room, baskets of food and clothing were arranged. This was a tomb of a person of high standing, she thought. Moving closer she knelt and tried to read the hieroglyphics on the sides of the crypt but she could not see them clearly. Standing, she turned and a servant walked right through her.

About the author:

Richard S. Lucas lives in Northern California where he owns and runs a bookstore with his wife. This is his 6th novel. Visit Richard at his website

Friday, August 12, 2011

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Featured Book: Mr./Ms. Right: An Endangered Species? by Roy A. Barry and Nazira K. Barry

Mr. / Ms. Right: An Endangered Species?Relationships.

It is easy to argue that the differences between men and women often contribute to a couple’s inability to work together and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

While it is true that there are significant physiological and social differences between the genders, the question remains: Why can’t we just get along?

It is highly improbable to harbor strong negative feelings about yourself and then promote a healthy relationship with someone else.

This manual will help you to confront some of your own insecurities, fantasies or misconceptions that contribute to negative patterns of behavior, as well as a lack of growth and satisfaction within the relationship.

The focal point of this publication is on individuals who are seeking relationships, working on sustaining and improving their present relationships or deciding whether to continue or end their current involvement. 

About the authors:

Roy A. Barry is a Professor of Sociology at Miami Dade College and holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado, a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Economics from the University of Miami.

He has held such administrative positions as:

Student Services Coordinator, Student Co-curricular Activities Director, Dual Enrollment Program Coordinator, Weekend College Director, Director of Life Lab, Evening / Outreach Coordinator and Registrar.

In addition, he has been an Area Director of Miami’s Overtown District EOPI.

He has also served as a team teacher for the Healthy Relationship/Strong Families Program sponsored by Trinity Church’s Peacemakers.

Honored eight times by Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers as one of the nation’s most talented college instructors.

Roy Barry has also been selected and published five times among the Best Poets of the Year.

Nazira K. Barry is a Professor of Psychology at Miami Dade College. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Thomas University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science from Barry University.

She also served as a team teacher of the Healthy Relationship/Strong Families program at Trinity Church’s Peacemakers.

Nazira was honored in 2004 and 2006 by Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers as one of the nation’s most talented college instructors.

She has also been selected and published two times among the Best Poets of the yearand was selected to appear in Cambridge’s Professionals of the U.S, 2007 Edition.

Nazira is a passionate and dedicated professor who is committed to providing quality education to all her students. Accordingly, she has established and currently serves as advisor for three student organizations: Ambassadors for Christ, Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society and a Psychology Club.

She enjoys working with diverse populations and finds it extremely rewarding by making a difference in the lives of her students.

Roy and Nazira reside in South Florida . They are both committed to social issues and programs focused on family, personal growth and interpersonal relationships.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Featured Book: Modern Disciples by Ian Anderson

Modern Disciples: Volume 1Ryan Hunter had spent most of his days wandering from place to place with no direction, no real purpose. His only solace in life was a book of Greek Mythology that his mother gave him as a child. When he receives a call from a mysterious woman she invites him to join her on a hunt that she promises will change his life. The woman turns out to be more than she appears to be. Through his encounter with the mysterious creature, he learns that the Greek gods are real. Not only are they real, but they are not alone. Mythologies of every culture turn out to be true, and Ryan finds himself to be on the front lines in a war between all the gods, and their most feared enemies: The Titans.

About the author:

Ian Anderson currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida. He has a degree in Creative Writing and Journalism from Ashland University in Ashland Ohio. He started studying mythology at a young age and has learned a great deal about Greek, Norse, and other mythologies. Besides writing he enjoys reading, movies, and talking with friends online.

Featured Book: The Pregnancy Power Workbook by Camilla Bicknell and James S. Betoni

The Pregnancy Power Workbook: The 200 most important questions to ask about your pregnancyWhen you’re pregnant, you may not know where to start your learning journey or what questions to ask. That’s the idea behind The Pregnancy Power Workbook – a unique method that helps you find the information you want and turn it into knowledge. It changes the way you learn about your pregnancy. It provides an unprecedented system that goes step by step through the maze of prenatal care. Rather than inundating you with facts, figures, statistics, and details, it presents basic questions and answers that speak directly to the most common concerns about pregnancy.

Whether you are planning a pregnancy, or you are already pregnant, The Pregnancy Power Workbook’s distinctive format will boost your understanding of the miracle of pregnancy. It will give you the tools you need to become your own personally empowered pregnancy expert.

Use The Pregnancy Power Workbook throughout your pregnancy and learn:
• How to ask the right questions at the right time and enjoy easy to understand answers.
• How to prepare for your prenatal visits, maximize your comprehension and expertise.
• The lowdown on important tests and how to record them for future reference.
• About taking medications safely.
• How to monitor your baby’s movements.
• How to check yourself for symptoms of labor and preterm labor.
• How to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.
• Much, much more!

This user-friendly guide provides a concise system to help you be on the same page as your medical team, to speak the same language, and to work toward the same goals.

Focused questions guide you from preconception through delivery in a style that encourages personal knowledge, backed by decades of experience. The simple answers help you translate the vast amounts of information into useable, practical know-how. The Pregnancy Power Workbook is also packed with additional features, including a personal pregnancy timeline, pregnancy and lab flow sheets, and an ultrasound awareness sheet – these help you stay on top of your prenatal care, keeping you informed and up to date, no surprises!

About the authors:

Dr. James Betoni and Nurse Practitioner Camilla Bicknell have called upon their combined 30-plus years of experience caring for women who are pregnant to construct The Pregnancy Power Workbook. In his 17 years as an OB/GYN physician and 2010 fellowship graduate in Maternal Fetal Medicine, Dr. Betoni’s experience includes providing high-risk obstetrical care in private practice, community health clinics, and university settings. Ms. Bicknell focused her practice and became a women’s health nurse practitioner in 1995. Dedicated to the most underserved, she continues to provide prenatal and gynecology care at a large community health center in Colorado Springs.