Sunday, August 14, 2011

Featured Book: Ice Queen by Richard S. Lucas

Ice Queen: A Franklin AdventureTwo images, three thousand years and the Pacific Ocean separate them. So begins the search for the Ice Queen. 

Archeologists Philip and Helen Franklin have built their reputations on separating fact from fiction. What they learn on this adventure will surprise even them. Black marketer Justin Smythe is one of the richest men in the world. Long time adversary, Thomas Coswell is funding the search for the Ice Queen. Smythe will do anything to steal the prize, including murder. When the Franklins discover the true power of the Ice Queen, they know that Smythe cannot be allowed to get his hands on it. 

In an underground city, with unlimited power at hand, who will ultimately win?


The midday sun beat down on the desert landscape, heat rising in shimmering waves. The excavation, now entering its second month, had little to show for the effort. The lead archeologist, temperamental at best, was now becoming unbearable and everyone tried to stay out of his way. Philip Franklin had made the mistake of questioning him and now found himself scrapping dirt in a trench, one hundred meters from the main dig. Helen Lewis had made the mistake of supporting Philip and found herself in the same trench. “Arrogant prick,” Philip murmured as he filled another bucket. “You knew he was in a foul mood,” Helen said as she sat up and wiped her forehead. “He’s under a lot of pressure to find something here. Anything.” Philip stopped and sat back. “Yeah, but he’s wrong. He’s digging in the wrong place. All the computer models agree.” Philip pulled out a bottle of water, drank from it and offered it to Helen. Taking it, she took a deep drink. “You’re sure of the models?” “Absolutely. I verified the program I developed on two other sites. He just won’t listen to a grad student. It would be beneath him to do so. At least he banished us in the right direction. If I’m right, which I am, we should be on the edge of the ruins.” “Wouldn’t that just burn his ass,” Helen said. “If we actually find something.” Philip laughed. He liked Helen. A lot. They attended the same university but had never met, their schedules never crossing. Philip was a computer science major with a minor in archeology and Helen was an archeology major. Both were graduate students and each had been offered the chance to come and work on this excavation. Helen was at the top of her class and Philip was developing new programs for site evaluation and re-construction. Now they were in the doghouse and depending on how mad the boss was their careers could be starting off on the shaky side. Helen moved to the wall that was in the shade and started to scrape more dirt. It was only a few minutes when she hit something hard. Working slower, she scraped an area two feet across. Stones, she thought, and not naturally set. She raised her hand and lightly ran her fingers across the surface. It was a cool evening; a gentle breeze flowed around her. Torches stood as sentries to the crypt. The passage was open and she could hear what sounded like chanting. Without thinking, she moved through the entrance. More torches lit the way and she soon found herself in a chamber. In the center was a sarcophagus. Around the room, baskets of food and clothing were arranged. This was a tomb of a person of high standing, she thought. Moving closer she knelt and tried to read the hieroglyphics on the sides of the crypt but she could not see them clearly. Standing, she turned and a servant walked right through her.

About the author:

Richard S. Lucas lives in Northern California where he owns and runs a bookstore with his wife. This is his 6th novel. Visit Richard at his website


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