Sunday, August 7, 2011

Featured Book: Mr./Ms. Right: An Endangered Species? by Roy A. Barry and Nazira K. Barry

Mr. / Ms. Right: An Endangered Species?Relationships.

It is easy to argue that the differences between men and women often contribute to a couple’s inability to work together and enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling relationship.

While it is true that there are significant physiological and social differences between the genders, the question remains: Why can’t we just get along?

It is highly improbable to harbor strong negative feelings about yourself and then promote a healthy relationship with someone else.

This manual will help you to confront some of your own insecurities, fantasies or misconceptions that contribute to negative patterns of behavior, as well as a lack of growth and satisfaction within the relationship.

The focal point of this publication is on individuals who are seeking relationships, working on sustaining and improving their present relationships or deciding whether to continue or end their current involvement. 

About the authors:

Roy A. Barry is a Professor of Sociology at Miami Dade College and holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado, a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Economics from the University of Miami.

He has held such administrative positions as:

Student Services Coordinator, Student Co-curricular Activities Director, Dual Enrollment Program Coordinator, Weekend College Director, Director of Life Lab, Evening / Outreach Coordinator and Registrar.

In addition, he has been an Area Director of Miami’s Overtown District EOPI.

He has also served as a team teacher for the Healthy Relationship/Strong Families Program sponsored by Trinity Church’s Peacemakers.

Honored eight times by Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers as one of the nation’s most talented college instructors.

Roy Barry has also been selected and published five times among the Best Poets of the Year.

Nazira K. Barry is a Professor of Psychology at Miami Dade College. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Thomas University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science from Barry University.

She also served as a team teacher of the Healthy Relationship/Strong Families program at Trinity Church’s Peacemakers.

Nazira was honored in 2004 and 2006 by Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers as one of the nation’s most talented college instructors.

She has also been selected and published two times among the Best Poets of the yearand was selected to appear in Cambridge’s Professionals of the U.S, 2007 Edition.

Nazira is a passionate and dedicated professor who is committed to providing quality education to all her students. Accordingly, she has established and currently serves as advisor for three student organizations: Ambassadors for Christ, Psi Beta Psychology Honor Society and a Psychology Club.

She enjoys working with diverse populations and finds it extremely rewarding by making a difference in the lives of her students.

Roy and Nazira reside in South Florida . They are both committed to social issues and programs focused on family, personal growth and interpersonal relationships.


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