Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Featured Book: The Pregnancy Power Workbook by Camilla Bicknell and James S. Betoni

The Pregnancy Power Workbook: The 200 most important questions to ask about your pregnancyWhen you’re pregnant, you may not know where to start your learning journey or what questions to ask. That’s the idea behind The Pregnancy Power Workbook – a unique method that helps you find the information you want and turn it into knowledge. It changes the way you learn about your pregnancy. It provides an unprecedented system that goes step by step through the maze of prenatal care. Rather than inundating you with facts, figures, statistics, and details, it presents basic questions and answers that speak directly to the most common concerns about pregnancy.

Whether you are planning a pregnancy, or you are already pregnant, The Pregnancy Power Workbook’s distinctive format will boost your understanding of the miracle of pregnancy. It will give you the tools you need to become your own personally empowered pregnancy expert.

Use The Pregnancy Power Workbook throughout your pregnancy and learn:
• How to ask the right questions at the right time and enjoy easy to understand answers.
• How to prepare for your prenatal visits, maximize your comprehension and expertise.
• The lowdown on important tests and how to record them for future reference.
• About taking medications safely.
• How to monitor your baby’s movements.
• How to check yourself for symptoms of labor and preterm labor.
• How to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.
• Much, much more!

This user-friendly guide provides a concise system to help you be on the same page as your medical team, to speak the same language, and to work toward the same goals.

Focused questions guide you from preconception through delivery in a style that encourages personal knowledge, backed by decades of experience. The simple answers help you translate the vast amounts of information into useable, practical know-how. The Pregnancy Power Workbook is also packed with additional features, including a personal pregnancy timeline, pregnancy and lab flow sheets, and an ultrasound awareness sheet – these help you stay on top of your prenatal care, keeping you informed and up to date, no surprises!

About the authors:

Dr. James Betoni and Nurse Practitioner Camilla Bicknell have called upon their combined 30-plus years of experience caring for women who are pregnant to construct The Pregnancy Power Workbook. In his 17 years as an OB/GYN physician and 2010 fellowship graduate in Maternal Fetal Medicine, Dr. Betoni’s experience includes providing high-risk obstetrical care in private practice, community health clinics, and university settings. Ms. Bicknell focused her practice and became a women’s health nurse practitioner in 1995. Dedicated to the most underserved, she continues to provide prenatal and gynecology care at a large community health center in Colorado Springs.


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