Thursday, September 29, 2011

Featured Book: Because I Said So by Dr. Charlotte Rainey Green

About the book:

Most parents want their children to be happy, productive, and successful—but not all parents know about the parenting strategies that can give their children an academic edge. Because I Said So investigates the influence that parenting styles have on a child’s social and academic success. Are you authoritarian? Authoritative? Permissive? This book provides valuable insight on various parenting techniques that either promote student achievement, or hinder a child’s success and contribute to academic achievement gaps. There is no definitive manual for raising children. But with Dr. Green’s new book, parents can learn strategies to help their kids succeed socially and academically!

About the author:

A school administrator, business owner, and community leader who provides professional development in schools and facilitates community conversations. As part owner of Behavior-onics Inc., Green offers parenting tools for effective parenting.


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