Monday, September 12, 2011

Featured Book: How To Think Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro & Play Like a Pro by Issac Byrd

About the book:

HOW TO: Think Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro & Play Like a Pro: The 8 Principles That Bridge the Gap Between Professional and Amateur AthletesWhat is the difference between professional and amateur athletes? The difference cannot be physical or the most perfectly built athletes would be the most successful. We know that is not the case. The difference is mental. To become an elite athlete, your physical and mental abilities must come together and work as one. The eight Principles of Isaac Byrd’s Elite Process™ give you those keys to mental success which professional athletes use, but never talk about. By incorporating the Elite Process™ into his training early on, Isaac Byrd was able to have a successful six year career in the NFL and he mastered three different sports. To maximize your athletic ability and play like a professional, no matter what the sport, read How To: Think Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro & Play Like a Pro.

About the author:

“The best athlete to come out of the state of Missouri in the last twenty-five years” is what the St. Louis Post Dispatch said about Isaac Byrd. He was a high school star in football, basketball and baseball. In college he dominated in two sports: in baseball he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and in football he was drafted into the NFL and played for the Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers. Today he travels the country as a speaker inspiring young athletes and showing them how to maximize their abilities by using his Elite Process™. For more information on Isaac and his services visit


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