Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Featured Book: Reflective Empowerment by Philip Guy Rochford

About the book:

Everything you think, say, and do impact on your life. You therefore have the power to make your life what you want it to be. Reflective Empowerment provides a simple, but powerful, program to design the life you want. It is a one-year program that builds one brick of empowerment, on another brick of empowerment, until your full brilliance of empowerment is unleashed.

Reflective Empowerment shows you:

  • How to move from apathy to empowerment 
  • Secrets and benefits of reflection 
  • Importance and benefits of action 
  • The practice of examining your life 
  • Where to put emphasis in your strategic thinking 
The route to your empowerment is mapped out in Reflective Empowerment, and gives the background to show the connectedness to 7 critical steps of empowerment:

  • Self-awareness Vision of your purpose 
  • Clarify and detail your goals 
  • Embrace persistence Upgrade your skills 
  • Take others to new heights 
  • Review your results and target your better performance 
Reflective Empowerment offers a sustained, easy, approach to taking control of your life, and doing the things that are necessary to empower you to be the best that you can be. By actively following the simple daily guidelines, as outlined in Reflective Empowerment, you design your own success, and take responsibility for your own empowerment. Moreover, your empowerment blossoms fully when you support others to be their best, as well as enhance the environment.

About the author:

Philip Guy Rochford, Success Coach, has authored five motivational books, and co-authored two others. He specializes in Executive Coaching based on his extensive corporate experience of over 40 years. He was Chairman of a commercial bank, a petroleum marketing company, and an airline. For 15 years he was a director of Neal and Massy Holdings Limited, one of the largest business conglomerates in the Caribbean. He is a business economist, chartered accountant, chartered secretary, and chartered banker. He is a Certified Mediator, a Reiki Master, TM Sidha, and Feng Shui practitioner.Philip has five children and seven grandchildren. His wife, Edlin Dianne, is herself an author, and they live in Trinidad and Tobago.


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