Sunday, September 18, 2011

Featured Book: WE x Infinity by Charlie Pedersen

About the book:

WExoo: Face the Terror of our World EquationAs the “Bin Laden door closes”, a new door opens! Charlie Pedersen’s innovative new visionary fiction uses twenty second century quantum science cosmology to provide linked “hindsight” to the past, which is our present, and follows a cosmic path out of the chaos we now call the twenty first century. Pedersen’s disruptive, visionary new novel crosses hard copy, e-Book and silver screen genres as it takes readers into the future and then back again to our own reality to face the chaos and terror of our current World Equation. Experience the convergence of literature and video taking you from compelling story to the next level of awareness and most importantly, answers. In WE x ∞ ,scientists from one hundred years in the future send intelligent e-messages in hologram form across the space-time continuum to thirteen quantum science labs across the world. In a high speed adventure from Berkeley, California, through Switzerland, China, Russia, England, Germany and Japan, culminating in a confrontation with the future in New York City, Pedersen’s science heroes engage the CIA and Interpol to thwart white collar criminals and terrorists trying to disrupt new, world changing directives from reaching the United Nations General Assembly. The prominent issues of our times – water, energy, world health, trafficking, terrorism, illegal immigration and militarism – are tackled head on as Pedersen explores two fundamental questions in his compelling story: What do WE have to do for humanity to really change? Can our infinity (∞) of opportunities overcome the current forces of denial and the power of the status quo? Following up on Stephen Hawking’s description of our times, on Yahoo!Answers, 2006, as “political, social and environmental chaos”, and his more than rhetorical question “How can we sustain the next one hundred years?”, WE x ∞ cleverly suggests that if we cannot learn from the past, maybe we could learn from the future. Pedersen’s intriguing and suspenseful blend of science, contemporary events and fiction (science faction) gives readers a unique “futuresight” by which to judge today’s most daunting challenge: our own denial of the terror of our current world equation.


The Secretary General steps back. Alyson defers to Ellis. ELLIS (walks to the podium and begins speaking) "Thirty days ago we had a world changing event" . . . Ellis looks up...hearing some commotion. Before he can continue, the President and the Prime Minister are collared around the throats by Almidh and Degom’s cocked arms, and pulled in front of the room with guns at their heads. The other five waiters step up and point guns at the tables around them. The guests are dead silent, except for shocked gasps. FARAH ALMIDH (with his arm around the President’s throat) "I am Almidh of the Khalid Faizal. We are here to reject this sinister plot to subordinate the entire Arab world, to de-economize our people’s oil franchise. We will show the world"... From the left and right flanks, everyone hears: CENTURY22 SECURITY TEAM! "Not on our watch!" First it comes from Harry, pointing his revolver at Almidh, and then from Glaser on the other flank, pointing at Degom who's holding the Prime Minister. Then Almidh hears a thunderous thud, thud, thud from two angles. Kay and Hong shed their tear away formals and are literally striding across the tables like gazelles, one table centerpoint to the center point of the next table thud, three, thud, two, thud, one... then,.....

About the author:

Author Charlie Pedersen emerged from the executive ranks of information technology, finance and the aerospace private sector to write genre-blend novels that tackle contemporary issues and place them in a world of science fiction and suspense. With a broad background that includes working with the Apollo Lunar systems and creating what is now America’s largest automated teller network, the Star System, he has been able to achieve a clear understanding of the human and organizational dynamics necessary to effect significant large scale change: The messanger must have credibility; and the message must be true and compelling.


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