Sunday, October 30, 2011

Featured Book: Lazarus by Jason Akley

LazarusLazarus is much like a literary soap opera. It's non-linear, and in a recurring cycle of vignettes a tragedy is told, a modern version of the Oedipus trilogy of Sophocles. In the interwoven tapestry of four generations, with the setting of Missouri's Ozark Region and New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina serving as background, the tragedy of Lazarus and the Roman family unfolds. His story, counter-pointed with his cousin Jude's, exposes the tragic irony that befalls this family as each character explores how their choices have consequences both for themselves and their children. From different perspectives through time, and through varied styles and formats, including a screenplay adaptation focusing on the "Antigone" of the story, the truth about Lazarus is intricately revealed-the terrible truth, and hope, that haunts his past.

About the author:

Jason Akley is the author of five books. He has a BS degree from Tulane University in physics and mathematical economics. His other writings include two children's books, Sweet Pea and the Bumblebee and The Candlestick, as well as a collection of novellas, Salted with Salt and The Altar of Silence. Both of the children's books were award-winning finalists in the Children's Picture Book category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards, and one was also nominated for the 2008 Evvy Awards. Lazarus was included in the Kirkus newsletter as a best submission of 2010. His sixth book, Crossroads from Damascus, is a collection of stories and poems as yet un-published. Currently, he's working on his seventh book, Rick's Place, and he's enjoying spending time with his wife and two daughters. He hopes to continue engaging readers with thoughtful stories.


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