Sunday, October 9, 2011

Featured Book: Love and Marriage Perspectives by Vince Brendan Vincents

Love and Marriage Perspectives: Strategies and Skills to Consider in Building a Successful Lasting MarriageDespite centuries of searching, the “perfect” marriage still eludes mankind. People marry for different reasons, and have different needs in the context of marriage. However, there are basic key elements to a successful marriage. In this book, you will fine-tune your relationship knowledge in these areas and more: •The nuts and bolts of how to select a spouse •Perspectives on the change of marriage as an institution in light of evolving gender roles •The importance and protocol of effective communication •The roles of passion, intimacy, commitment, and chemistry in maintaining a close relationship •How sexual exclusivity and sexual enjoyment enhance marriage •The ways in which similar and dissimilar personality types impact the success of marriage •How to approach the issue of forgiveness, and learn healthy steps to reconciliation Vince approaches common marital situations with a rare combination of empathy and pragmatism, knowing that husbands and wives are human, and that there are bound to be weaknesses, mistakes, and frailties. Love and Marriage Perspectives is rich in skills, techniques, and strategies to build a solid foundation, and strengthen your relationship.

Vince Vincents has over twenty years of counseling experience. He was a caseworker in a state school and a therapist at a group home. In both capacities, he facilitated individual, family, and group therapies. Vince was also a social worker and a chemical dependency counselor in private and hospital setting where he did crisis, individual, family, and supportive counseling. Prior to writing full time, he was a vocational rehabilitation counselor. As a divorced person after many years of marriage, he brings a balanced perspective by combining his professional and personal experience in marital situations. As an ordained minister, he believes that marriages can be saved through compassion, contrition, forgiveness, and reconciliation.


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