Sunday, October 16, 2011

Featured Book: Russia's Prestige: Historical Architecture by Kashif Parvaiz

Russia's Prestige: Historical ArchitectureSince medieval times, Russian architecture has reflected this powerful nation’s history.

Take the author's journey through time, beginning with the tiny state of Keiven Rus’ and culminating with modern-day Russia, examine the lives of men who devoted everything to transform their dreams into architectural gems and how these structures related to the nation’s state of affairs.

Look across the timeline of Russia’s main historical periods, their evolution and impact on the vision of Russia. The biographies of the architects included in the book enrich the readers experience by letting them get a feel for the environment that feed the architect's genius.

Whether enjoying this book as an easy read or while using it in academics, you are bound to be swept away by the story. Rich, compelling and evocative, this book will enhance your imagination and pique your curiosity in the architecture of Russia.

“Yet, however beautiful the vision drawn up by the words on a page, there is no substitute for the real adventure of Russia unless you visually experience it yourself. Enjoy the trip as much as I have.” - KASHIF PARVAIZ

About the author:  

With advanced degrees in both Architecture and Structural Engineering, his experience in the field of architecture and construction began humbly as a handyman while managing his father’s real estate empire. In 2007, Kashif started his own business, Riyaan Developers, a reputable construction firm located in Brooklyn, New York that handles a variety of full scale residential projects. His hobbies include music, photography, fishing and his vast collection of literature on the study of architecture.


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