Saturday, October 1, 2011

Featured Book: SatisFillment by Eden Sterlington

About the book:

The SatisFillment series of action guides is designed to help you live your life to the fullest—both mentally and physically. This first of three books focuses on living your core values and achieving a more grateful, purposeful life. Packed with mental and physical exercises, this first volume in the SatisFillment series is easy to understand and put into practice. The key lies in the six focus points, each of which pairs a life-change activity with a healthy lifestyle change you can make, starting now. You’ll:

• Discover inspiring exercises you can do before you even get out of bed

• Explore your most deeply held convictions

• Achieve personal growth by moving beyond your comfort zones

• Assess your self-image to identify your most important beliefs

• Learn to forgive and be forgiven

• Rediscover child-like contentment

• Add healthy physical activity and nutritious eating to your daily routine

• Much, much more!

Being happy doesn’t “just happen.” Rather, you have the power within you to help how you feel. The SatisFillment series provides the tools to put you in control of your desired level of contentment—so you can live life more fully each and every day.

About the author:

When Eden Sterlington discovered the key to living life instead of letting life live her, she decided to share her insights with the world. She founded Sterlington International, Inc. to help her spread the word. As it's CEO/President, she trademarked her 'SatisFillment' technology and established 'Get Back to Passion' for distribution of related products and services. She is a proud counter-culture advocate for her fellow Sage Soldiers, Wisdom Warriors, and Change Champions (blandly referred to as ‘Baby Boomers’). She lives in Chicago.


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