Sunday, November 20, 2011

Featured Book: How to Live the Good Life by Arthur Jackson

How to Live the Good Life: A User's Guide for Modern HumansA note of caution: This is not an easy read. Nor is it for the detached, uninvolved person.

The author invites readers to accompany him on a journey of self-discovery, and provides a road map to boot, rarely presented in such a clear and comprehensive way. The breadth and depth of Arthur Jackson’s knowledge and experience become obvious early on as he presents a plethora of views from well-known and lesser-known philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologists, mathematicians, and others who influenced modern Western ideologies…. This is a compendium of knowledge and insight nonpareil—truly a masterwork!

—Adrienne Juliano, member, Foundation for Mind-Being Research

Arthur Jackson’s book is the product of his 40-year struggle to find a naturalistic alternative to traditional folk religions (like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism) capable of providing comparable emotional support. This effort led to what is now recognized as a Science of Religion and Ethics—a religion of wisdom providing guidance to any person interested in making moral and ethical choices. “I believe that until a concrete science of religion and ethics exists and organizations to apply its findings, humanity will continue to struggle to create these things.”

How to Live the Good Life is a fascinating and eye-opening guide aimed at helping people experience more joy and achieving their full, positive potential.

About the author:

Arthur M. Jackson was born in Oregon and currently resides in San Jose, California.

He holds a BS from Oregon State University and a Master of Education from the University of Oregon.

He has been active in the American Humanist Association for over 40 years and has been serving in various administrative capacities ever since.


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