Saturday, January 28, 2012

Featured Book: A Conspiracy of Mirrors by David McLeod

About the book:

We are all mirrors, reflecting one another so that we can see ourselves more clearly. The provocative and moving poems in A Conspiracy of Mirrors speak to our universal human need to connect deeply with another person, to marvel at the wonder of the world, to fully experience the spectrum of emotion revealed through experience. David McLeod’s deeply felt work brings you into powerful connection with ideas and feelings revealed through the unique lens of his words. David has collaborated with artists who have been invited to create visual depictions of his work, resulting in a rich feast for the senses, the mind, and the soul. Relax, breathe, and immerse yourself in this prismatic constellation of images and perceptions, where you will be captivated, soothed, and inspired.

About the author:

David McLeod discovered the mystery and truth of poetry when he was twelve years old, and has been on a lifelong journey to express the depths of his heart. In writing many hundreds of poems, David has found healing, liberation, and great joy. While most of his work remains private, a select number of his poems have been shared with friends and family, and published in magazines and journals – and now he shares this gift with you, in his first published collection, A Conspiracy of Mirrors.


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