Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Featured Book: New Digs by Pamella Ann Miller

About the book:

Phases of abandoning bitterness are SIMPLY AND UNIQUELY DEFINED. Fully illustrated, this COLOR PAPERBACK WORKBOOK is an engaging handbook to use and recommend over and over again. Leave the forgiving to God...No stranger to good times and equally familiar with the most difficult of challenges, in her book NEW DIGS…Abandoning the Bog of Bitterness, the author shares the startling shifts in outlook and method that freed her from years of toxic rancor. Owing to Pamella’s fervent desire to improve upon her lengthy and difficult struggle to understand conventional teachings about forgiveness, a thorny and confusing topic is at last addressed in a cordial, practical and hopeful way. A significant portion of the book’s value is reflected in the uplifting, colorful art that allows for quick assimilation and recall of its messages. Also thoughtful and economically thrifty, a vibrant journal page is authorized for copying and formatted for noting what section those memoirs correspond with. Users of this workbook will travel a one-of-a-kind journey through the stages of recovering a compassionate spirit and enjoy the curious, but deliberate, absence of snarly detours as classic advice is reshaped into clear and logical guidance. A swift route to the satisfying final destination of Renewal Island is creatively mapped out. Readers will visit several other picturesque locales as well, beginning their journey in Swamp City and stopping over in Hiatus Township, Uncertainty Village, Prideful Palisades and Cape Horizon as they pause to work through the meaningful but brightly sketched phases of reclaiming a merciful heart. So, pack your drifter duds for passage to NEW DIGS…Abandoning the Bog of Bitterness!

About the author:

The author was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota and currently resides in Mantorville, Minnesota with her husband, Mitch, and their adopted toy poodle, Charlie. Fifth of seven children, and the only girl on her father’s side, Pamella was named after her paternal grandmother, Ella, who rushed out to buy her namesake’s first dress upon hearing she finally had a granddaughter. The story is told that Grandma Ella was sick before the birth, but all thought she willed herself on to see if she would “get her girl.” She did and was able to enjoy six short months with baby Pamella.


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