Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Featured Book: Flash Bangs:A sparkling array of hundred-word short stories by Andy Underwood

About the book:
A new hundred-word story, every day, for a hundred days... these 100 different tales leave out no genre; they will amuse, inspire and delight all book lovers, who may dip into the collection when they have five minutes to spare. In this book, one can find humour and drama, protest and celebration, intrigue and science; even ghost stories and animal lovers are catered for. Favorite twists and turns in these stories reveal the author’s commitment to nature conservation, family values and physical well-being. It will astonish readers that even subjects like alcohol-abuse, human-relationships and historical-drama can be tackled in such a novel and succinct fashion. In addition, students of literature will get an inspiring introduction, in the author’s foreword, to the art form of Drabbles... as hundred-word short stories are called. The author shares his artistic passion in this foreword and one can uncover the original stimulus for some of his stories. 

About the author:
Andy Underwood, is a roving Englishman, now living in beautiful New Zealand; he is well-known as a photographer and observer of life, who regularly gives talks on travels with his camera, the joys of scuba diving, climbing and caving. A keen writer about his artistic and adventurous life; he plans to launch more books of short stories and wild anecdotes about his outdoor adventures. Readers of Flash Bangs: a sparkling array of hundred-word short stories will discover that the author cares deeply about the directions in which modern business, science and technology may be leading the World. His writing promotes civilization, health and education, without losing sight of the goal of entertaining and amusing his readers. This new book will make a great gift, to suit an extensive diversity of tastes and it will prove the saying... variety is the spice of life!_______ One Hundred Varieties... Do not miss this book!_______ Also Why Not Visit... ______ DID YOU KNOW?--- Andy Underwood is the inventor of a new kind of poem... BYCO POETRY... Check-out the website! .....


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