Friday, March 23, 2012

Featured Book: Keep Dancing by Rosie Giesie

About the book:

Advance Praise for Keep Dancing “Dear Rose, I wanted to send something related to the book you are writing. What a wonderful idea—to share your experience. I must say that I have always marveled at your strength, your ability to be so full of life in the face of such overwhelming loss. All your children gone. The thought boggles the mind. You've incorporated Rick's friends as your new family, and we are privileged to be a small part of this. You are my role-model for living life to its fullest!” – Pam White “I will read this book and I will keep it somewhere in my home where I can see it and be reminded daily that whatever I am going through is manageable. Never mind “The Secret” that I learned from this will be my “positive affirmation.” Gene and Rosie inspire me to find the courage to deal with things that test me and find the hope to push through to the beauty of life that still awaits me on the other side.” – Renee Edmonds “The Giesies have an amazing gift for remembering and celebrating the happy times and letting the sadder things in life slip into distant memory, where they are only to be recounted for a purpose. Thank you Mama Rose and Gene for the original gift that was Rick and for the gift of teaching me how to continue enjoying him every day of my life.” – Brian Toffoli

About the author:

Rosie Annie (Krejci) Giesie was born on December 26, 1939, the second of a set of twins. She attended grade school in a one-room school house and graduated from El Campo High School in El Campo, Texas. She is married to her teenage sweetheart. They had three children and live in Sun City, Arizona.


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