Friday, March 30, 2012

Featured Book: Memories Made and Lessons Learned by David Van Lear

About the book:
David Van Lear first experienced fishing with his father, on the beautiful Cowpasture River, and these memorable outings began a lifelong fascination – a way of life aligned with the rhythms of rivers and streams, and an outlook sensitive to the wonders of America’s wilderness. From his local river to Yellowstone Park to Canada and many points in between, David embraced the fishing lifestyle and all it had to offer. With adventures ranging from the hilarious to the hair-raising, David shares his decades of uncomfortable camping, unexpected bear encounters, risking life and limb in unsafe terrain, and the frustration of fish that refuse to be caught. But the heart of this book is the deep, life-enriching experience that fishing – especially fly fishing – brings: the luminous solitude of the wilderness; the appreciation of ecosystems and how humans contribute to their preservation or downfall; the excitement of mastering new waters; the reminders that persistence, patience, and ingenuity restore and redefine themselves with every new opportunity. Appealing to a wide variety of readers, David’s friendly voice and unique perspective, balancing wisdom and humor, will keep you engaged even after you have turned the final page.

About the author:
David Van Lear worked for 35 years as a professor of forestry, teaching courses in silviculture, ecology, and forest soils. He has published more than 130 articles on the effects of forest practices on forest growth, water quality, wildlife habitat, and soil productivity. Carolyn, his wife of 33 years, has been his faithful companion and supporter throughout this lifetime fishing adventure. They live in South Carolina and have two grown children, Christopher and Melanie, and a son-in-law, Charlie.


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