Friday, April 13, 2012

Featured Book: The Unlikely Career of Sonny B. Feelright by Dwight David Morgan

About the book:

Fresh out of graduate school, Sonny Feelright has high hopes when he stumbles into a job with a Chicago investment banking boutique. But he soon finds himself overwhelmed by the cast of egotists, incompetents, manipulators and crooks he encounters in the world of finance. When evil hedge fund manager Nancy “Black Widow” Black ensnares Sonny through forgery and fraud in an audacious and illegal corporate takeover, Sonny faces a Faustian choice: participate in the scheme and accept the riches and career advancement it promises, or maintain his honesty and risk prison and career ruin. To save his integrity and himself, Sonny must rely on his wits and the help of two colleagues, the confident but fragile Charlotte McCardle, with whom he is falling in love, and alcoholic Simon Courtney, who becomes Sonny’s reluctant mentor. The book presents a humorous and sordid portrait of the world of high finance and the unscrupulous people it attracts, ending with the ultimate confrontation between everyman Sonny and demented Nancy Black, for whom winning is everything.

About the author:

THE UNLIKELY CAREER OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT draws on Dwight David Morgan’s successful career as a writer, lawyer, corporate executive and entrepreneur. With a degree in Journalism from Kent State University, Morgan spent his early career as a freelancer and communications consultant. After earning a law degree from the University of Akron, he became a senior executive of a major corporation, where his duties included investor relations and M&A. In 1998 he founded a successful plastics manufacturing company, which he sold in 2008. He lives with his wife and two children in Medina, Ohio. FEELRIGHT is his first novel.


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