Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Summer Fit Fourth to Fifth Grade: Keeping Children Physically and Mentally Active During the Summer

Summer Fit contains grade appropriate, basic skill activities in reading, writing, math and language arts. The daily fitness component is a fun and easy-to-use exercise routine that gets children moving on a daily basis and is designed to help children build healthy exercise habits while away from school. Children choose from Aerobic, Strength and Sport activities using a Fitness Index developed by professional trainers, school coaches and parents. Exercises are reinforced online with videos that show children performing each of the different exercises.

Weekly core value activities and exercises are a resource for parents and guardians to use in talking about and teaching good character and values. Each week a different value is introduced and reinforced using real world examples of a person who represents that value.

Summer Fit is the most comprehensive summer workbook available and provides parents with the tools and the motivation to develop the physical and social well being of their child as well as the academic.

Summer Fit includes online games to reinforce basic skills in reading, writing and language arts.

Received for review.

If you're a parent looking for summer activities for your child you simply need to get a copy of this book!  The series covers multiple grade levels so you simply need to order the appropriate one for your child.

These workbooks cover absolutely everything from math to reading and writing to physical fitness.  Each day has its own set of exercises which can be completed quite quickly.  Everything you need is right there in the workbook, as well.  There is no need to copy pages, or find a separate notebook to log responses.

This particular volume included exercises covering all sorts of topics including multiplication, fractions, spelling, science, and physical fitness.

The workbook also includes access to online games which the children should find fun.

These activities should be thoroughly enjoyed and will give your child a head start on the next school year.

I highly, highly recommend this series!

★★★★ = Really Liked It


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