Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Featured Book: The Big Book of Dan by Daniel C. Dulik

About the book:

Eclectic, eccentric essays . . . satirical, salient stories . . . petulant, perceptive poems. ACRONYM, (Aggregate Congressional Re-engineering of Natural Yard Mammals), about an inept government committee called the EIEIO (Environmental Interlarding Ecosystem Interloping Organization), is the first in a series of stories and essays as diverse as the blurred scenery outside the car window when you are speeding down the highway. The Evolution of Man postulates the theory that humans at some point in their evolution were hermaphrodites. The dominant of the species evolved by mental acuity rather than physical ability. Amid these stories lurks a highly captivating and competitive game called Berm Bingo, based on identifying animals and found objects along the roadside. Entertaining poems are interspersed throughout. New Millennium Writings previously published “The Narcissist,” a poem of our times.

About the author:

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1948, the middle child of five, Dan began to develop a sense of humor in order to claim his place in the family. He grew up on the west side of town within walking distance of Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River, at a time when both were so toxic that when the river caught fire, the main concern was that it would spread to the lake. Humor became a useful tool to deflect scorn when asked where he was from. When a career in sales was foisted upon Dan, humor provided an expedient device to develop the gregarious fa├žade helpful in closing deals


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