Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Featured Book: Charlie's Hoot by H. Trussell Pyle

About the book:

As a favor to his boss, Charlie, an ambitious teenager, uses high tech savvy to trace the movements of a fleet of drug runners circling the Caribbean Sea. For his well intended initiative, Charlie suffers a vicious beating and undergoes diabolical torture. His boss is the drug kingpin, posing as a respectable citizen in this Florida resort town. By day he’s the mosquito control director, by night he runs a successful drug smuggling operation. In mob tradition, family ties are important, so he buys a luxurious yacht for his sister, who belongs to a religious order whose members are nuns. She gladly allows him to talk her into running drugs for him because secretly she’s investigating the smuggling racket as her chosen religious vocation. The nun hopes her findings will break up the drug smuggling ring and convince her brother to go straight. Instead, she finds herself in deep trouble with the law. Meanwhile, the mosquito man manages to keep his smuggling activities a secret from the town’s police chief and the editor of its newspaper who are hot on his trail. The cop thinks that breaking the nun’s story of innocence will lead him to the kingpin. The newsman’s best source is Charlie, who once worked part-time at the paper. Complicating things, the nun falls in love with the police chief, who wants only to put her behind bars. Meanwhile, Charlie has mysteriously disappeared.

About the author:

H. Trussell Pyle covered many crime cases as a newspaper reporter. He got acquainted with people, young and old, living outside the law. Pyle saw the soft sides of these hard men and women, the lawless and the law enforcers. You’ll see such people putting their lives on the line in this riveting story.


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