Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Featured Book: Wake Up Americans by William H. James

About the book:

The United States is weak and becoming weaker. People are unnecessarily losing their homes and security. Businesses are collapsing. Among many problems, the nation has a debt-based, systemically flawed, exploitive, and nation-weakening monetary and banking system which should be modified. That nation-weakening system is called monetarism in this book and its controllers are called monetarists. As explained here, it has long been foreseeable that the United States, under monetarism, could not and cannot win strategically either in peace or in relation to its wars even if its military forces are powerful. The United States has been losing strategically for years. Political conflicts are developing and intensifying worldwide, instability and chaos reign, the weak United States is in danger, and under monetarism it is unable to serve the best interests of its people. The nation needs new strengths and increasing national strategic power. Under monetarism the United States is declining in relative strategic power and has many serious problems including foreseeable increased national debts, debt-burdened states and communities, deteriorating public services, two current unwinnable wars, and other problems. Many nations in Western Europe are also having monetarist-generated problems while China, India, and Russia are building their relative strategic power. Significantly, the United States and the West are weakening while the East is becoming more powerful. This book describes recommendations for helping to strengthen and build the nation and for improving the lives of the people without causing an increase in national and public debts. Many nations are in a critical phase of history. The United States needs many changes including new political, economic, geopolitical, and monetary reasoning, new goals, new independence, and new and constructive nation-building leaders. The lives of the people should be improved and the nation should be strengthened and built. Start building it now!

About the author:

The author has a baccalaureate degree from Brown University, masters and doctoral degrees from Yale University, an honorary doctorate from the University of New Haven, 60 years in education including 40 years of teaching and administration from the elementary grades to higher education; four years of military service during World War II primarily as a combat intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Air Force in India, China, and on Tinian Island; and additional years of adjunct teaching of history, international relations, macroeconomics, management, labor-management relations, and other related subjects at four colleges and universities. Other background experiences are described in this book


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