Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Giveaway: The Sugar Frosted Nutsack by Mark Leyner

High above the bustling streets of Dubai, in the world's tallest and most luxurious skyscraper, reside the gods and goddesses of the modern world. Since they emerged 14 billion years ago from a bus blaring a tune remarkably similar to the Mister Softee jingle, they've wreaked mischief and havoc on mankind. Unable to control their jealousies, the gods have splintered into several factions, led by the immortal enemies XOXO, Shanice, La Felina, Fast-Cooking Ali, and Mogul Magoo. Ike Karton, an unemployed butcher from New Jersey, is their current obsession.

Ritualistically recited by a cast of drug-addled bards, THE SUGAR FROSTED NUTSACK is Ike's epic story. A raucous tale of gods and men confronting lust, ambition, death, and the eternal verities, it is a wildly fun, wickedly fast gambol through the unmapped corridors of the imagination.

Thanks to Hachette I have three copies to give away!

US/Canada only.  No PO boxes.

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Carl said...

It seems Mark Leyner has had a varied and unconventional writing career in magazines, novels and film. He sounds like an interesting guy. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of his book.

PuttPutt1198Eve said...

The author's works tend to be humorous and border on the absurd. This is his first book in 14 years.

AnnaZed said...

David Foster Wallace called Leyner's writing a form of 'lapidary stand-up comedy' and I'm pretty sure that wasn't a compliment; still I'm interested in reading him.

Lilian said...

I learned that he worked as a columnist for Esquire and George magazines. Impressive!

intensev5 said...

I found out Leyner has also worked as a columnist for Esquire and George magazines, and as a writer for the MTV program Liquid Television.

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