Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Featured Book: Long Island Gold by Love Cherie

About the book:

“Long Island Gold” is the first of two tales that embraces the Romance and Mystery of Long Island and the Long Island Sound. Marisa Brie and Lee Ann Brockman, two Accounting Majors on Long Island, decide to take a Senior Course Project the summer prior to their Senior year. The course enables them to begin their own business, “Long Island Gold”, as a vending table on Port Jefferson Harbor. Although Accounting Majors, their true dream is to have their own business. Needing to disguise their true dream, Marisa and Lee Ann enlist their friends, Steven and John, who own a local photography studio in Port Jefferson; because her parents would prefer their daughter marry her soon to be Lawyer boyfriend, Aaron, and to become an Accountant for Corporate America. But, as with life, one fateful starry night on the Long Island Sound, Marisa meets Nick Stone, whose band is playing on the Ferry Cruise. Seeming to be “A Dreamer who only Dreams”, Nick charms Marisa into revealing her true Dream, which leads her, her friends and the world, to the true purpose of life.

About the author:

Cherie, wrote this first novel in 1994. Through the years she shared it, as an unpublished novel, with many readers who expressed that the story touched both their heart and soul, and that it must be shared with the world. The tale continues in the sequel novel, “Long Island Treasure”.


LM Preston said...

Oh this sounds good considering I love Long Island, NY and have friends that live there.

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