Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: The Vigilant Investor by Pat Huddleston

Making sound investments is tough enough without having to worry about unscrupulous financial advisers and outright frauds. But recently strengthened laws aren't enough to stop the "professionals" intent on profiting from - or just plain stealing - your money. As an Enforcement Branch Chief at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Pat Huddleston witnessed countless people lose their life savings to reckless stockbrokers and fraudulent schemes. Now an SEC-recommended Receiver and CEO of a securities and investment fraud investigation agency, Huddleston has intimate knowledge of how scam artists and bad brokers operate. In The Vigilant Investor, he explains WHY we fall for investment scams, HOW con artists play on our emotions, and WHAT we can do to protect ourselves from predators. With its unique look into the science of financial decision making, the book blows up the popular myths and simplistic "do's and don'ts" of investing while sharing techniques anyone can use to perform due diligence even better than the "experts." With gripping stories of actual cases, Huddleston sheds light on the dark corners of the investment industry and teaches investors and professionals alike how to spot fraud and guard themselves against financial catastrophe.

Received for review.

While I found much of this to be plain common sense many of the anecdotes about various schemes do bear repeating because, yes, there are scam artists out there and this may help you identify a questionable opportunity as a scam (or safe).

The language could be a bit technical at times, but the overall potential helpfulness of the book makes it worth the investment to look into it should you feel you need its type of advice.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


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