Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Featured Book: The China Oil Plot by Chuck Van Soye

About the book:

After 20 years working for the U.S. Army Research Center, Bret Lee, a 44-year-old chemical engineer retires to look for work in private industry, only to learn that in the tough 2010 economy, he’s unable to find a job. But thanks to a quasi-government contact from his past, he’s offered high-paying employment at a Venezuelan fertilizer plant just outside Caracas. There’s only one catch; he has to become a spy. Bret and his Chinese wife, Chu-Lin, accept the challenge, and both become enmeshed in the military, political and diplomatic aspects of life within the most dangerous city of the world. With help from the local CIA, Lee uncovers an international plot that could throw Latin America into turmoil, and that could strangle strategic oil shipments to the U.S. Life gets even more intense when he finds himself locked up by SEBIN, the intelligence arm of the Venezuelan government. In the 21st century ‘poker’ game of international petroleum supply, China puts big money and a lot more on the game table to ensure that it will be the ultimate winner of Venezuela’s oil production. But the Lees have an “ace in the hole,” and their hand trumps China’s plans. The China Oil Plot skillfully blends real-world tensions with a thrilling plot that will keep you enthralled.

About the author:

Chuck Van Soye’s career has ranged from Army officer to chemical engineer to sales and writing/editing. He has worked extensively as a writer and editor for McGraw-Hill’s Chemical Engineering magazine. Chuck relaxes with fishing and wordsmithing. His other books include Pondering Life’s Imponderables, and Confessions and Misadventures of Charlie the Fisherman.


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