Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: New Self New World by Philip Shephed

Anxiety runs like an undercurrent through our daily lives. We often feel distracted and out of touch with our deeper purpose. These common feelings are the by-products of an exceedingly celebral Western culture. In New Self, New World, Renaissance man Philip Shepherd explores the root causes of these feelings and presents practical solutions in terms so fresh that they open your eyes and your heart to a compelling reality.

In our culture we find it normal to live in our heads, in a fragmented world, absorbed in our own anxieties-the only imaginable state for people who mistakenly believe the body is a machine. But at our core, we know better. New Self, New World challenges this primary story of what it means-and feels like-to be human.

Shepherd demonstrates how we come into our true humanity only when we unite with our core-the deep, innate intelligence of the body. Our consciousness is not centered in the head any more than the universe is centered around the earth. To shift our paradigm, though, we need a revolution in our understanding of ourselves as decisive as the one begun by Copernicus. At once a spiritual handbook, a philosophical primer and a roaming inquiry into human history, New Self, New World cracks open the possibilities of human experience and, with clarity, inspiration and compassion, lays the groundwork for personal renewal.

Received for review.

First, this is one fat book, weighing in at 450 page and rivaling a Harry Potter hardcover for wrist straining records.  The type is also unfortunately small so there is a lot of closely packed text on each page, giving it and almost textbook like feel.

This is a heavy, dense, intellectual book and not for amateurs.  Frankly, I was nodding off moments after I picked it up - every time I picked it up.  The portions I did manage to limp through were well written and informative but not particularly engaging.

If you are into the metaphysical thing and really, really enjoy reading about it, this is for you.  If you're a newcomer you may want to start with something lighter first.

☆☆☆ = Just Okay


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