Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: The Summer Nights Never End ... Until They Do by Robert James Waller

You may know Robert James Waller as the man who brought the world to Iowa's storied covered bridges. What you may not realize is that before and since becoming an internationally acclaimed novelist, Waller has grappled with a very real puzzle: How can an individual, a group, and/or a society cut through the confusion of everyday life to successfully navigate its pitfalls and traps?

Through intense reflection, shrewd reasoning, and not a little trial and error, the reclusive author has developed a unique and inventive paradigm for thinking clearly and logically. In The Summer Nights Never End ... Until they Do, Waller shares a methodology that can be applied to everything from governmental gaffs and immigration reform to losing weight and financial freedom.

Like so many things that make sense, Waller's words are complex in their simplicity, turn from the madness of short-term, quick fixes and toward time-tested, reasonable goals.

The devil is in the details. So, too, are the answers.

Received for review.

Overall this could have been relatively informative but the author oversimplifies many, many things - two of the main items being weight and money, which the author has clearly never had issues with or he'd never, ever have written about them in such a manner.  That one must only exercise self control and all will be well seems to be the author's main view.  Um, not so fast buddy!

So, if you already are part of the 1% (as the author is) and you like to tell the other 99% what their problem is and how stupid they are for not fixing it then this is for you.  If you're a member of the other 99% just give this one a pass as it will provide no usable information for you.

 ☆☆= Just Okay


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