Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Featured Book: Contracts to Kill by Robert Tyndell

About the book:

On a normal day we face choices average; non-threatening, haunted by his tortured past one man seeks vengeance on his former Special Operations Team. Unleashing a band of mercenaries bent of his revenge chasing down trained warriors, his former brothers. As the body count rises F.B.I. Agent James Degler will face choices on a grand scale to stop this madness and put his team at risk or walk away. Buildings will crumble, people close to him will die, and the body count will rise as flames kiss the sky. Just as the mercenaries close in on their targets chaos will strike back, forces will merge. Spanning across the U.S. a trail of deception, blood and pain will spread knowing no limits or fear. Twist and turns salvage yards to the New York sewers who is safe who will be next, can Degler protect those he cares for? One wrong choice and the house of cards will fall all around them; unstable doesn’t even describe what will happen next. Will the mad man bent on revenge be stopped or will he succeed and destroy everyone’s lives? The truth is bent and warped as the web spreads and destruction follows. By the end one question will remain for Agent Degler: Who is left he can trust?

About the author:

Robert grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia where he graduated Great Bridge High School in 1994. Since then Robert has served in the U.S. Navy, after serving on two ships and his deployment he learned he belonged in the small boat community. While overseas Robert started working on writing, this was a good thing due to the fact he was a single parent. After putting his daughter to bed everynight after dinner had been cooked and the house cleaned he would sit and work on a chapter at a time. After serving overseas he returned to the states and began his time in the small boat community. During his five years assigned at was the Navy's best kept secret, he was part of several anti-terrorism drills and instructed over a 100 personnel in tactics. While at the command he earned his Small Craft POIC or "small boats pin" After leaving this command Robert was assigned to the Phib Seabee's where he worked on tugs and was the lead supervisor of the largest sand blasting facility on the east coast. During his time with the Seabee's Robert was also part of the security team during field exercises, getting qualified with the M16 and MK19, and explosives driver he blended well with the Gunners Mates and Master At Arms. Now Robert is assigned with his family his wife and three kids on the northern east coast as he trains a unit on maritime boat handling and ant-terrorism tactics. He is also involved in his commands security threat assesment and physical security program as the representative to the commands security officer. Robert is also working on his Bachelor of Arts Security Management Degree. In his spare time he enjoys to write and is working on the follow up to Contracts to Kill.


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