Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Featured Book: Sunrise Caye by Lloyd Christensen

About the book:

George Schroeder is the owner of two eco-friendly Caribbean resorts on Sunrise Caye, an island thirty miles off the coast of Belize. He has welcomed a full complement of guests for Christmas week, but on the second morning, a guest is severely injured in a fall. Two days later another guest is found dead of an apparent heart attack. But George knows this guest didn’t die of natural causes. This was murder. As the only authority on the island, George needs to determine who killed his guest before the week is over. As he tries to unravel the horror of this violent crime on his beloved island—and find whoever is responsible—the safety of his other guests, his friends, and even his own family is at risk, making this week of Caribbean paradise anything but.

About the author:

Lloyd Christensen, a recreational diver, lives in Santa Clara, California. After living in many parts of the United States, he considers Texas to be home.


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