Monday, October 29, 2012

Featured Book: You Can Run... by Gloria Antypowich

About the book:

Shauna Lee Holt is a successful, confident, and outgoing businesswoman who owns an accounting and bookkeeping service in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. But behind the scenes, her life is a closed book. She has no intimate relationships: no family and no friends. She assuages her loneliness with the “company” she brings home on the weekends. Brad Johnson has recently set up shop in Swift Current, and when he comes into Shauna Lee’s life, he is determined to change her lonely existence. But he doesn’t know about the deep, painful secrets that keep her walled off from the world, or about the past that haunts her. And he doesn’t know if she will ever open up and risk falling in love. You Can Run weaves the complexities of human emotions into a riveting tale about second chances and unconditional love; secrets and lies; tormented lives and murder.

About the author:

Gloria Antypowich lives with her husband at Horsefly, in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. She is an avid reader of several different genres and listens to a wide selection of music. A good game of cards, sharing a laugh with a friend over a glass of wine, and spending time with her family are a few of her favorite things to do. You Can Run is the sequel to her first book of the Thompson Family trilogy, Hearts at Risk.


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