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Guest Post: 3 Ways to Make Your Children Life-Long Readers

Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of, stopped by to share with us a piece she wrote.

3 Ways to Make Your Children Life-Long Readers
by Debra Johnson

Encouraging children to be readers throughout their lives is very impotent. Readers have better vocabularies, better writing skills, and an easier time understanding instructions. Reading is a vital part of everyday life, whether your child grows up to be a banker, a lawyer, a pianist, or a construction worker, reading is essential. Building great readers is a goal for all parents, so here are some tips to help your children read more, read better, and enjoy reading for a lifetime. 

  1. Start early – To really make children enjoy reading, you have to start from an early age. Even before they can learn to read make sure you read to them aloud. Show them the parts of the words as you read and be careful to pronounce any words that are new. Even if you read the same book over and over again, the children can still learn to recognize the word you are saying with the text. The more you expose young children to reading, the better readers they will become.
  2. Make it fun –Do not make reading a chore. Make it a fun part of life! Give books to your child as surprise gifts. Make sure they have access to a variety of books outside of required school reading. Pick fun books that are interesting to them. If they love cars, then get books about cars, ponies, books about horses. Whatever they are interested in let them read about. The more they think of reading as fun and not required, the more they will like it.
  3. Let them choose – Let them choose their own books. Every child has a reading comprehension level and a genre interest of their own. The books they pick might not be to your taste or what you think is developmentally appropriate, but let them try to read them anyway. If they want to read a book for younger kids, then fine. If they want to read an encyclopedia, then great. Whatever the case is, they are reading. Even genres like science fiction and fantasy can teach kids a lot about the real world, so do not get caught up in the details.
Helping kids to become life-long readers is all about making reading a part of their life from the very beginning. Even if you do not enjoy reading very much, you can still instill a love of reading to your children. Help their education and capabilities by giving them the tools they need to be successful.

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