Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Featured Book: Chaos by John Austin Sletten

About the book:

CHAOS is the sequel to Sletten’s mystery thriller Deceit. The former FBI special agent is in hot pursuit to find the truth concerning the mysterious death of his wife. In so doing he travels in the underground world of the Government’s black ops delving into TOP SECRETS such as confirmed knowledge about Aliens and alien nations. What he finds is the continual misappropriation of funds dedicated to build a universal underground world that will be home to a select group of individuals in case of a sure certain nuclear holocaust. The protagonist again gets matched up against Paul Gordon Charles, who has been tagged the leader of this new universal government. In the end they come head-to-head in the little hamlet of Wallace, Idaho which PGC has pigeonholed the Center of the Universe? The central character, an eccentric too, finds an unimaginable scenario of events in place that will compromise and turn the world upside down. While peregrinating back and forth to various locations seeking the truth, Sletten, the man in the leading role, puts his best foot forward, or does he, to be a competent single parent even though he is in constant fear of his own life and once again has become the hunted rather than the hunter.

About the author:

JOHN AUSTIN SLETTEN grew up in a small town, Montevideo, in southwestern Minnesota. He graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead Minnesota in 1966. After careers in banking, justice, and public accounting he enjoys baseball, mathematics, music and writing. The writer had his first works published with the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine. It was a feature story entitled “Confessions Of A Little League Father.” This piece of writing led to an appearance with Oprah Winfrey. He has been a sports writer for the Princeton Packet and published many magazine articles. His first book published is The Johnny Callison Story, a biography of the great Philadelphia Phillies baseball player whose career traversed three decades. He was a Phillies player during the entire decade of the obstreperous 60's. Sletten's second book published is DECEIT, the first book in a mystery thriller trilogy. This book, CHAOS is the second book in this trilogy. The third book, ATONEMENT will be the final installment. He has three other novels completed and waiting publication. Along The James, a Historical Civil War Novel, The Keeper and Uncommon Knowledge. Sletten resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife, Kathy.


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