Monday, November 5, 2012

Featured Book: Escape from Eternity by Nate Scholze

About the book:

In the little Door County village of Ephraim, Wisconsin, Laura Whitmore is drawn into a life and death struggle. A mystifying Brit, whom she meets for the first time, implores her to assist him in locating an elusive person of interest. Revealing a bizarre mission and a mysterious second identity, the Englishman casts Laura to play a vital role in his quest. Over her objections, he reveals that the person he seeks made astonishing modifications to Earth’s early inhabitants and may have even changed the past. While struggling with this staggering information, Laura has to contend with an over protective father who knows more than he’s telling, and a depraved employer. She must make a crucial decision that will ultimately lead to the death of a close friend, and in the end, accept a destiny that will result in her ESCAPE FROM ETERNITY.

About the author:

Nate Scholze brings forth his first novel and offers an alternate explanation of off-world influences that have affected human history. Mr. Scholze is a quiet family man from a small town in western Wisconsin. He resides with his wife of 30 years, and a rowdy-red toy-poodle named Bentley.


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