Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Featured Book: All the Seasons of the Year by Deborah Lee Rose

About the book:

In this charming story, a mama cat loves her kitten through all the seasons: in autumn, when they rake leaves into piles; in winter, when they sled down snowy hills; in spring, when they fly kites; and in summer, when they splash together in the water. Parents, grandparents, and all the special people in a child’s life will love sharing this sweet celebration through all the seasons of the year and in years to come.

About the author:

Deborah Lee Rose is the author of the bestselling Twelve Days books. She lives with her family in Walnut Creek, California. Visit her online at

Kay Chorao is an artist, illustrator, and writer of many children’s books, including D Is for Drums. She lives in New York City and Jamesport, Long Island.


StephTheBookworm said...

This sounds too cute! I love the cover and I love cats. :)

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