Monday, January 14, 2013

Featured Book: 1931 by Mike Tucker

About the book:

1931 is an epic, riveting Great Depression crime saga and a classic American novel, from the time of the grenade and the tommy gun and the bloody, undeclared, no holds barred war on the streets and shores of the United States, when the Mafia ran bootlegging with an iron fist and the Special Agents of the Bureau of Investigation took on the Mafia from coast to coast.

About the author:

Born in 1960, Mike Tucker grew up in Japan, Northern England and America. He holds degrees in history and literature and honors in poetry. His apprenticeship as a poet and writer was from 1983-1986 in Washington, D.C. In 1990, his first book was published, UNREPORTED, a work of poetry. HELL IS OVER: VOICES OF THE KURDS AFTER SADDAM, his critically-acclaimed work of history, was a finalist for the Ben Franklin Award in History in 2005. His most recent work is 1931, a Great Depression crime saga and classic American novel, published in September 2012. Under fire as a young poet with Spanish counterterrorists in Barcelona, he was the only author on counterterrorist missions with Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 commandos after September 11th. He was honored by the United States Naval Academy as a visiting scholar on counterterrorism from 2008-2012. An American Marine infantry veteran, he lives in the Near East, northern Thailand and Spain.


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