Friday, January 25, 2013

Featured Book: Bubs the Bumblebee and The Spider's Web by Joyce Graham Fogwill

About the book:

When disaster strikes their home, Bubs the Bumblebee and her family find a new garden to collect pollen and nectar, but they must avoid dangerous predator spiders and their huge webs in this garden.
The Bubs the Bumblebee series (this is the second story) introduces children to nature through the use of amazing color photographs and imaginative stories, focusing on the activities and interactions of Bumblebees, other insects and spiders in gardens.

"I want to see more dragon spiders!- said one awestruck 6 year old when he saw the photographs of spiders in this book.

Recommended for children ages 6-10

About the author:

Joyce Graham Fogwill is a retired college science teacher with degrees in Botany and Education.  She continues her interest in Science Education and in Nature Photography.


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