Friday, January 18, 2013

Featured Book: Love Calls and Roundelays by WYN

About the book:

Easy to Love...

The poems in this collection are easy to love - accessible, plainspoken, yet rich in depth and meaning. As earnest as they are lilting, these poems reach out for beauty and truth - the core of Art. And they are often playful and amusing, as is evident from such poems as "Hey Pretty Kitty", "Renaissance Man" or "Ode to a Pearly Naut". Nor does this book slight the darker side of life, as expressed metaphorically in "To a Lost Friend" or more starkly in "Delirium". The visual appeal of the photo-art in this book is an ideal match for the musicality of the poems. Among the photos, you may be particularly struck by "Radiant Autumn" on the front cover, or the glowing "Golden Mountain" on the back. And what a delightful little gift this book is for your friends, relatives and all those you love!


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