Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Featured Book: Molly O'Grady's Home Run by Stephen R. Champi

About the book:

A Very Different Baseball Hero! As the crucial seventh game of the World Series approaches, emotions are running high for both the New York Bombers and the New York Stars. John O'Grady, the legendary manager of the Bombers, has his hopes pinned on winning the World Series. His loyal and loving wife, Molly, secretly wishes for a different outcome, dreaming of a peaceful retirement to Florida. Unexpectedly, O'Grady has a vision of a different kind of sports legacy ... but will it affect the outcome of the game? Find out in this unique and delightful baseball story for all ages.

About the author:

Stephen R. Champi, a native of new Jersey, retired in 2005 from a law career that spanned over five decades.  He is a former founder and managing partner of a mid-size law firm, and also served as a county prosecutor and judge.  He now enjoys reading, writing, limited traveling, and expanding his knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for a dynamic and changing society in the new global world of the 21st century.


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