Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind by C. James Jensen

Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a book filled with the incredible promise for those readers who may better understand the TRUE relationship between the conscious and subconscious areas of the mind.

The reader will be taken on a journey toward a doorway that opens a life of expanded opportunities and potential successes. The book does not require a leap of faith. The principles and techniques presented herein are both practical and well documented by modern science. The following is an eloquent description and summary of this book.

"There is a musical form termed "call and response" in which a distinct phrase is played by one musician and a second phrase forms a commentary on or a response to the first phrase. This mirrors a tradition characteristic of African and African American Christian worship in which the speaker makes a statement and the congregation responds with an affirmation, amplifying and clarifying the initial statement. This work by Murphy and Jensen is an exquisite example of call and response-Murphy asserts, Jensen elucidates. Their subject matter may have sometimes been dismissed as too far out or not based on verifiable scientific evidence, but in page after page the call is a clear, declaratory statement of conviction and the response is an offering of anecdotal evidence which becomes increasingly compelling as the chapters accumulate. If it is not enough to convince the skeptic, it is at least enough to shake the certainty and smugness of its critics. Read this and sing!"-Daniel K. Church, Ph.D., President, Bastyr University."

Received for review.

This fits in perfectly with the teachings of Jack Canfield and Anthony Robbins.  It is a self-help manual that offers information on how to train your subconscious mind to achieve your goals.  As such, it is rather on the rah-rah positive cheerleader side of things with a leaning towards The Secret's principles.

I wasn't enthralled, but it was a solid work which did provide the information it advertised.  It could have been more comprehensive, and a little less heavy on the quotes from the works of others, though.

If you are interested in this sort of thing then you will find this educational and it may provide a solid introduction to the subject for others.

★★★☆☆ = Liked It


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