Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Odyssey of the Gods by Erich von Daniken

Von Däniken’s game‐changing Chariots of the Gods rocked traditional beliefs about ancient history. Now, he tackles the history of Greece again with a new viewpoint using painstaking archaeological research and evidence from the writings of Plato and
Aristotle. He suggests that Greek myths were, in fact, very much a reality, and that the Greek gods were extraterrestrial beings that arrived on Earth thousands of years ago.  

The author’s conclusions may seem astounding, yet they are argued with such insight and knowledge that readers are forced to consider the implications of his findings for mankind. Odyssey of the Gods includes new, eye‐opening information: 

• A revolutionary interpretation of the sites and legends of ancient Greece
• The conflict between alien gods and humans
• The true origin of centaurs, the Cyclops, and other mythical creatures
• A startling new explanation of the Atlantis legend

Received for review.

I have read other works by the author so I was expecting something on the far limits of credulity and I was not disappointed.  The author's rather far fetched ideas took a new turn here as he attempted to add aliens into myths of Ancient Greece.  This was certainly an interesting new take on the material, but the evidence was a bit shaky.

Despite the views presented, the book is well printed and organized and simply packed with photos of what the author believes is evidence supporting his theories.  The photographs alone are educational and certainly make it worthwhile to browse through the book.

While I do not agree with the author's theories, he does present them in a clear, concise manner and is almost persuasive.  At best it is amusing and marginally educational.  If you are into the alternative history thing this would be an interesting book to pick up.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


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