Friday, February 1, 2013

Featured Book: Faceplant by Richard N. Shapiro

About the book:

Have you ever been on Facebook and been amazed by what you just read?

Have you ever read a news story about a celebrity meltdown that has gone viral?

I have too and that is why I wrote Faceplant.

Faceplant is a chronicle of some of the most interesting true tales and epic fails on Facebook. Each chapter is woven together with original artwork and concludes with a commentary which we call a Faceplant take away--something constructive that you just might “take away” from the chapter.

It took over a year of reviewing, selecting and editing our favorite Facebook threads for this book to become reality. We cover dating, romance, jobs, cat fights, family Facebook meltdowns and more. I invite you to order my book today and enjoy the first edition of Faceplant, cuz you just can’t make this stuff up.

About the author:

Richard N. Shapiro is a Virginia Beach writer-blogger who is a full-time practicing attorney included in the “The Best Lawyers in America” publication. He writes online for the Legal Examiner blog network and dives headfirst into the viral netherworld of Facebook and how social media transforms our communication with our closest friends and the world at large. With humor and awe, he dissects Facebook threads and adds his “Faceplant Takeaways” after each thread.


Geraldine said...

I'm not a fan of Facebook but this does look like an interesting book. :<)

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