Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guest Post: Susan Shumsky author of Instant Healing

Susan Shumsky, author of the book Instant Healing, stopped by to share with us a piece she wrote.

The 7-Day Attitude Makeover—in Just 10 Minutes Per Day

By Susan Shumsky, D.D.

You can transform your life for the better in just 7 days. By using simple yet powerful methods, you can heal your mind, body, emotions, and environment. Your attitude can change, and attitude is key to whether your life runs smoothly and effortlessly, or whether it is a struggle. 

If you develop and maintain an optimistic attitude, and if you think, speak, and act positively, then life will be easy, effortless, fun, and joyous. If, on the other hand, your attitude is negative and your thoughts, words, and actions are inharmonious, then life will consist of stress and strain, and you will suffer.

With this 7-Day Attitude Makeover, you can take just 10 minutes every day to focus on improving your life. During this period, your habits of thinking, attitude, and outlook will change, and your environment will respond more favorably. By the end of the week, you will be transformed.

This process will be easy and comfortable. No strain or struggle will be required. No attempt will be made to sit in a rigid, painful meditation pose for hours, to achieve that elusive, pretzel-like yoga position, to make the mind blank, or to sweat ten inches off the waistline. The amazing thing about the methods suggested here is that their effects are effortless and instantaneous.

Your Subconscious Makes Up Your Mind

Do you believe you can heal yourself, fulfill your desires, and manifest your goals? You can. All it takes is a positive mental attitude, and the motivation to make your dreams come true. Your subconscious mind is like an infinite shipping department, whose only mission is to fill your orders. Your deepest unconscious beliefs are like order forms, demanding to be filled. 

Your subconscious mind always says "yes" to every order and gives you everything you believe you deserve.

For example, if you stand in front of a mirror and say, "I am fat, I am fat," then your subconscious mind says, "Yes, I can do that." If you say, "I am poor, I am poor," then your subconscious answers, "Yes, I would be happy to do that." If you say, "I am lonely, I am lonely," then your subconscious states, "Yes, I can do that for you."

Now it is time to give your subconscious mind some better assignments. The key to this is a method called "affirmation." Affirmations are simple statements of truth that, when spoken often enough, convince your unconscious mind that you are changing your attitude and therefore manifesting a new life and a new you. Rather than continuing to say "I am fat," now you are saying "I am healthy, slender, and attractive, at my perfect size, shape, and weight."

Sometimes you have to "fake it till you make it." Affirmation does that. Speak the truth, even though the appearance says otherwise. The appearance is that John doesn't have much money in his bank account. But the ultimate truth is the universe always provides for John as he opens to the infinite abundance that is all around him. If John speaks the truth often enough, "I AM infinitely abundant and always provided for," he finally convinces himself of that truth. His attitude changes and, as a result, his life changes. He becomes prosperous. 

Some people say this change is due to the "Law of Attraction," in which John changes his mind and therefore attracts positive results. 

The healing affirmation formulas you will use during your 7-day makeover are simple and effective, and require no background, skill, or training. All you need is to read the formula audibly and then let go and allow the magic to happen. Through simple affirmation methods, you can now discover how the power of your spoken word, with intention, produces miraculous, instant results.

Your 7-Day Assignment

Your simple assignment is to use one affirmation per day, and to say that affirmation 50 times that day. You can say the affirmation 50 times in a row, or you can break it up and say it at various times during the day. You may repeat these affirmations as many times as you like, as long the total is at least 50 times. After 7 days, you will have a better attitude, a better daily experience, and a better life.

The affirmations are to be spoken audibly, with conviction, in a strong, clear voice. Speaking clearly and audibly produces the greatest potency. Here are the simple affirmations for you to say during your 7-Day Attitude Makeover. Use only one affirmation each day, and repeat it a minimum of 50 times. 

Day 1: "I am in control. I am the only authority in my life."
Day 2: "My mind is filled with inspiring ideas and creative solutions."
Day 3: "I am happy, healthy, fulfilled, and whole, right now."
Day 4: "I love money and money loves me. It comes to me often."
Day 5: "I love everyone and everyone loves me."
Day 6: "I follow my heart and trust myself."
Day 7: "I claim my good now. My life is filled with miracles."

During your 7-Day Attitude Makeover, keep a daily journal that documents your experiences and feelings. At the end of the week, make an evaluation in your journal of how your life has been transformed. Enjoy the process, and expect only the best results. When you claim your good, you will receive all the good you deserve.

To continue your transformation, use 243 healing affirmations that will change your life instantaneously. Read Dr. Susan Shumsky's Instant Healing—Gain Inner Strength, Empower Yourself, and Create Your Destiny. This book provides affirmations for healing your mind, body, and emotions, healing and forgiving relationships, overcoming addictions, dispelling illusions, developing your full potential, lifting your environment, healing lower energies, and overcoming enemies. It also contains affirmations for health, love, prosperity, success, happiness, transforming the planet, and creating heaven on earth.

About the book:

In a world of chaos, uncertainty, and malaise, we can no longer depend on the institutions we counted on to offer security and hope. With increasing anxiety and a sickening fear of the future, can we reverse the downward spiral of turmoil and frustration?

Instant Healing provides a powerfully positive solution. By using simple prayers and affirmations, you can experience immediate healing, comfort, and solace. You can gain self-empowerment, inner strength, wellness, and abundance beyond your dreams.

Instant Healing provides 243 healing affirmations and prayers, along with instructions on how to use them. These methods are simple and effective, and require no background or training. Just read them audibly, with conviction, and in a clear voice. Then let go and allow miracles to happen. The field-proven, non-denominational, universal methods of spiritual healing in this book have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.

About the author:

Dr. Susan Shumsky is the award-winning author of seven other books--Ascension, How to Hear the Voice of God, Exploring Meditation, Exploring Auras, Exploring Chakras, Divine Revelation, and Miracle Prayer. She is a foremost spirituality expert, pioneer in the consciousness field, and highly acclaimed speaker. Shumsky has practiced spiritual disciplines for 45 years with enlightened masters in secluded areas, including the Himalayas and the Alps. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra. She served on Maharishi's personal staff for seven years. She is the founder of Divine Revelation®, a technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance.


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