Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review: Afternoon of the Elves by Janet Taylor Lisle

Will Hillary uncover the secret of the elf village in Sara-Kate’s backyard?

No fourth grader trusts Sara-Kate Connolly. Her boots are dirty, her clothes are weird, and she’s so maladjusted that the school had to hold her back a grade. But Hillary is her next-door neighbor, and can’t say no when the unusual loner invites her over to play. In Sara-Kate’s overgrown backyard, Hillary will find proof of a world of magic—the kind that can only blossom between true friends.

Among the rusted car parts and wild plants, a miniature village has sprung up. It has tiny houses made from string, sticks, and maple leaves; a well with a bottlecap for a bucket; and even a little playground with a Popsicle-stick Ferris wheel. But there’s absolutely no sign of who built this miniature world. To Sara-Kate, the answer is clear—only elves could be responsible for something so enchanted. As she and Hillary watch for their elusive new friends, they learn that friendship, like magic, springs up where you least expect it.

E-galley received for review.

Of course I had to review this book, how could I not with "elves" right there in the title?

I was anticipating a light, fluffy read about elves reminiscent of a Borrowers book but what I got was something ever so much more. It was a story about friendship and loss and the things we do for those we love. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and very, very good. Be prepared for some tears with this one, for sure!

I have to say that this is not for everyone. Really, it is not for those upper middle class readers who have lived a privileged life, which is sad because they would benefit most from its message. This is for people who have experienced some hardship and loss in their lives and can fully appreciate the circumstances presented. For those of you familiar with The Lying Game (either the books or the television show) this is for the Emmas of the world, not the Suttons.

I highly, highly recommend this! I actually think adults will enjoy this just as much, if not more, than the intended younger audience. Keep a box of tissues nearby and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy this fiction masterpiece.

★★★★ = Really Liked It


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